The Headband is Back

Headbands are back and they’re all grown up.

Image Courtesy of Street Style Inspiration

TREND ALERT: Hair trends are happening for Fall and let me tell you no one and I mean no one can could have predicted that headbands would be back. Yes my lovelies,the headband of the 90’s (remember Hilary Clinton wore them in droves) has made a comeback and it is big.

Headbands for Fall 2019 are padded giving a sort of halo (or as I like to think crown) effect to the wearer. Many come with additional embellishment which one can decide to wear on depending on the occasion.

Headbands for Fall are back and bigger than ever. Enjoy!

Image Courtesy of Fashion Activation
Gorgeous Headbands on this Etsy Site (Kris Luxury Store)
Lele Sadought Headbands..(Click on this pic for a site filled with high end headbands).
Image Courtesy of Street Style Inspiration

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