One S’more Sunday

Happy Sunday!

As the long Labor Day weekend comes to a close, you may want to indulge in one last”S’more Sunday” or perhaps a “Monday Soiree” to help celebrate the end of Summer and/or the beginning of back to school, back to work or your regular weekday routine.

If you’re in the mood to put together something with little or no effort and make the evening FUN, might I suggest setting up your very own S’mores bar.

It’s as simple as opening a package (or packages) of graham crackers and marshmallows, setting out your choice of chocolate decadence,and provide a source of heat (melting station) complete with bamboo or branch skewers.

Not only is this Summer dessert delish but so easy to prepare and a perfect ending to the Summer Season.

S’mores are synonymous with Summer and let’s just say I’ve never met anyone yet that can resist a S’more! Enjoy!

Pretty Serving plates and Jars make a S’more’s bar so Tre’s chic!to have
Easy Peasy Party Prep -Just Plate Up and Serve
Individual servings already prepared or offer at the end of the night as a parting gift
Beautiful branches or long bamboo skewers make for perfect Marshmallow Charring

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