Tuesdays Tip(s) … “Checking IN”

Today’s Tuesday Tip has everything to do with plaid and checked prints because quite frankly there’s a whole lot of this pattern at play for Fall.

If you’re searching for the perfect plaid or checked  blazer/jacket, I have a few tips that I hope will help in guiding you to the perfect purchase.

  1. Make sure that the plaids and/or checks match  on the garment both vertically and horizontally.

Observe below the difference between the first  jacket in red and second and third jackets. It goes without saying that when the plaids match and the lines of the plaid or check are continuous in the garment..it looks much more luxe and gives a uniform look.  Design elements that are continuous and uniform aid in helping your silhouette appear taller and slimmer.  

2. Jackets/Blazers…skim the body better and give a more fluid appearance when they are lined.   

3. Detailing is “Key” when it comes to checks and plaids,look for beautiful contrasting button details, piping, binding  to add contrast and some much needed interest. 

Lioness The Palermo Blazer (Shopbop.com $89.00)

Smythe Taped Peak Lapel Blazer (Shopbop.com $795.00)

Generation Love Alexa Tweed Blazer (Shopbop.com) $348.00

All Images Courtesy of Shopbop.com

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