Storage Solutions for Jewelry Overflow

How does that saying go???

Those who have glass boxes ….MUST have allot of jewelry to store! Well, that’s not exactly the saying but it serves our purposes today because we are talking about one of the number one storage problems a girl can have..tadadada…Jewelry overflow!

We  all  LOVE our jewelry because let’s be frank.. a girl can never -ever have too much SPARKLE in her life. That being said, storage of these intricate items can sometimes be hard to navigate without a few tangled items  and we  don’t need that happening – EVER..

Soooo what’s a Glamour Girl to do?

How about storing “jewelry overflow” in an assortment of decorative and beautiful glass boxes.  It’s the perfect solution for displaying jewelry and extra space  for storing your favorite items. The glass shadow boxes shown below are affordable and oh so pretty! Display them  anywhere in your home and let them do double duty as storage and  decor.

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Antiques Glass Boxes @ Pottery Barn Louve Glass Jewelry Display Cases

Beautiful Clear Glass Boxes ($50-85.00)


Glass Shadow Boxes (@West Elm $29-89)


Antique Glass Boxes @ Pottery Barn


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