All the better..if it’s Vegan Leather!

Anouki High Waisted Vegan Skirt @Moda ($490.00)

I’m a huge fan of  Vegan leather and today I thought I’d share a little insight as to why you might want to go faux in addition to some stylish selections that I hope will inspire.

  • First and foremost,I’m a major animal advocate and  when we can go faux -then all the better

(Fun style story). After purchasing my first Vegan moto jacket, I got so many compliments  on my beautiful  “leather”   jacket  in addition to some inquiries about the cost  which they assumed – had to be in the triple digits….everyone and I do mean everyone thought it was the real deal.

  • Second on my list.Never and I do mean never underestimate the look of a good vegan counterpart -it can fool even the most advanced style savant.

Jonathan Simkhai Vegan Leather Twist Skirt @ $475.00

  • Finally, is the cost (savings) of going vegan.You will save a bundle for a look made of vegan leather in comparison to real leather.

Alexis Briana Vegan Leather Skirt @Shopbop ,com $363.00 (on sale $254.10)

  • Sooooo-if you’re look for an environmental way to help save our precious animals, while at the same time save money but still look lux when it comes to wearing a faux..vegan leather is the way to go!

Nanushka Vegan Leather Wrap @ Moda ($360.00)

As you can see I have found a wide selection of fabulous vegan skirts with links back to the retailer in addition to some bonus style selections below….. Enjoy !

NY&C Black Faux Leather Skirt $79.95

BBDakota Vegan Leather Jacket @ Shopbop .com $98.00

Vegan Leather Dress Rebecca Taylor @ Shopbop $450.00

Rebecca Taylor Vegan Leather Top @ Shopbop $375.00

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