Mid Week Motivation-10 tips to a Happier Day ahead!

I’m bacccck. After a week of travel and tending to a situation that needed my complete attention in Chicago, I am back and ready to post some uplifting and inspiring posts  with the intention of brightening your day and helping you get through this whole corona virus debacle.

Upon my return I couldn’t help but notice that LA -a city known for being very laid back was in complete stress mode. I cannot blame people in this seemingly state of hysteria, these are troubling and uncertain times. People are afraid, out of sorts and some are out of control which is evident in the stockpiling   aka hoarding of basic necessities. Yesterday morning , I ventured out in the early AM to obtain some much needed food items, and couldn’t help but  notice the man in front of me with a cart filled with 20- 10 gallon containers of milk and 12 boxes of eggs. Did he know the items had an expiration date?

After listening to the news more than I would like to admit yesterday, I decided to go cold turkey today.  Corona virus 24/7  had stressed me out  and it was only day 1 of my self quarantine.

Bearing in mind that all of our routines have taken a major “U- turn to no where”  and everything in our daily life is being shut down indefinitely, I  have compiled a list of items to embrace and hopefully consider to include in your daily routine to keep things  on a more positive note.

I hope this helps lift your spirits.

Stay strong-we’ll get through this together and hopefully be better than ever -when all is said and done.

  1. Embrace your Home gym:   Yes, you have a home gym even if you don’t have one iota of workout equipment. You can  go old- school and do sit ups, push ups, leg lifts, etc…in addition to partaking in the hundreds of workout videos on You tube ,Pinterest and Instagram.  Dedicate and adhere to at least 30 minutes of  working out each day .
  2. Take a walk OUTSIDE ….There is nothing like some fresh air to make you feel less quarantined.
  3.  Make a point to nix the PJ’s and GET DRESSED  in something that is not lounge ware.

  1. Make a vision board or a vision notebook to inspire you to set a goal during this down time.
  2. If you smell good you feel good! It’s a proven fact that a fragrant smell can lift your mood. Add fragrance to your day- light a fragrant candle, wear some perfume, bake something that smells yummy  and fills your home with a wonderful scent.
  3. Eat healthy. Seriously-you can do this! The right food will not only nourish your body but you’ll feel better too.
  4. Catch Up on your beauty sleep– Go to bed a half hour earlier .
  5. Turn off the TV and read a book OR  if you’ve been longing to write a book there’s no better time to commit to the task at hand. One great website to keep you accountable and motivated is the website 750words.com.
  6. Beauty  DIY- As we must embrace and adhere to “social distancing” we will be unable to partake in any and all beauty services done by another person…SOOOO  it’s time to go and do for you. Beauty DIY’s can include anything and everything to make you feel and look better-Mani pedi’s , in home facials, bubble baths, dry brushing..etc. Partake in a new or regular beauty routine and see if you can perfect your own beauty routine at home.
  7. Beautiful Bouquet:-When in doubt buy yourself  a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. I LOVE fresh flowers and they are so affordable and add a pop of color not to mention a beautiful scent to your space.
  8. Meditate: Light a candle, put on some soothing music and turn off your brain for a moment or 10 (minutes that is). Mediation is known to decrease blood pressure and reduce your stress level. Ommmmm.
  9. Stay in Touch-Reach out to family and friends via a phone call-you remember those wayyyy back when-before texting  This is important-“reach out and touch someone”- was an old slogan for a phone company many years ago and since we’re not actually supposed to touch anyone an actual phone call may be the next best thing.
  10. Partake in a hobby you love or once loved. Get your creative skills back on track and do something that inspires you. There are so many things you can do within the confines of your home, sewing, sing, dance, bake, craft, knit,draw, paint..the list is endless.

xoxo Terri


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