Friday…Tips to Calm You in Quarantine

Photo by Amina Touray

This self quarantine is starting to wear on many and we must find ways to stay productive, positive and healthy. As we navigate through this difficult time, I have a few suggestions to help you make each day as pleasant as possible.

Routine is EVERYTHING! I KNOWWWW this is a hard one because quite frankly there is no where to go! With little if any routine because you can’t leave the house -I urge you to wake up and go to bed around the same time everyday.

Ditch the P.J.’s and GET DRESSED. It’s soooo easy to stay in your PJ’s all day BUT you’ll feel better about yourself and keep your spirits up if you make the effort to put on something presentable. If you’re really going for the GOLD-put on some make up and spritz your favorite perfume..whal- lah instant mood lifter.

Get your Workout IN! Gyms are closed, personal trainers must stay put and  forget group fitness classes so what’s a Glamour Girl to do to keep the pounds at bay? First and foremost you can still walk outside (which I highly recommend) I’ve been clocking in 2 walks daily and aiming for 10,0000 to 12,000 steps a day to keep pounds at bay. Add into that some strength training with at home weights, and a plethora of videos I’m participating in via You tube (my workout  buddy). Here are two of my favorites:

**Boho Beautiful (Yoga )

**Coach Kel  (Barre Class)

Phone Calls to stay connected: Go old school and pick up the phone. Call friends and family- it’s time to reconnect and not by text. You need some sort of human interaction.  Now more than ever it’s important to stay connected -even though we must keep “social distancing” in check. I live alone and haven’t been with anyone I know in 3 weeks. The phone has been  my life line..literally.

Time to Hobby UP! Read a good book, write that play,book or movie , bake, sing, dance,sew something -you get the picture! It’s time to insert some enjoyable tasks into your routine because let’s face it- you have a little extra time on your hands.

Hobby Up! Sewing time-Bow Blouse completed. Today…Face masks for friends. *Photo by Amina Touray

I hope you’re all staying healthy and happy and taking a moment of reflection to count our blessings.

Be Well, take care.  We will get through this together. xoxoT


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