Happy Tuesday. I hope this finds you happy, healthy and managing this seemingly long and drawn out quarantine.  It’s the end of April and most of us have been in lock down since mid March with no sign of going back to any sort of “normal “until mid May.  One might say that we’re all getting a bit antsy to get back to some sort of normal.  Keeping busy and having a routine in place does help but  if you’re anything like me I’m sure you’d agree that we all yearn to get back to the freedom of living life more fully.

Today  try if you can to carve out some space to do at least one thing that brings you JOY. Yes, I said it joy!  Take a moment to stop and really savor something that makes you happy-be it a long walk, listening to your favorite song, talking to a special friend  or savoring a cup of coffee or tea -whatever it is-I hope it lifts your spirits  and reminds you that someday (hopefully sooner than later) things will return to a better and more productive way of life as we  once knew it. Be well, stay safe!

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