Getting Back on Track….

Here we are,the start of another work week and I will absolutely cop to the fact that  I for one have not been as productive as I would like. Which begs me to ask if you are finding yourself in a similar situation?The isolation of the Pandemic and ongoing lock down in California have made  keeping a schedule seem lack luster at best. If I were to summarize this year -I would have to say that 2020 seems like the  longggest Groundhog day ever.

As  my intention is always to provide uplifting and motivating content for you my lovely readers, I have compiled a little “to do”list to get  us all back on track and keep us focused on our goals for the future. Because (being the eternal optimist) somedayyyyy this will be behind us and wouldn’t it be nice to be in a place where we find ourselves ready and better than ever to bring new ideas, projects and dreams to fruition.

Here’s celebrating all you can do !

Now let’s get going shall we:

  1. If you’re working from home you must carve out a dedicated space to do your work. A quiet area with good lighting,ample desk space and a comfortable chair are key!

The Go To Glamour Girl Home Office……

2. Make a schedule and stick to it. What do you want to get accomplished this week,this month,or this year?I find that oftentimes it’s best to take things day by day or at the very most week to week so you can have a sense of accomplishment in these unsettling times. Everything can be accomplished if you take BABY STEPS toward your goal each and every day.

3. Schedule a little “Break time” in your day. Take time to work out, get out of your work space or do something enjoyable every couple of hours. It serves as a refresh and a reset so you can go back to your work area and be productive.

4. Eliminate distractions. O.K. This is a biggie. Turn off cell phones, TV, anything and everything that pulls your focus from concentrating on the task(s) at hand. I have sourced a number of friends and asked what their biggest time waster of the day is..and ALL say the cell phone. We all find ourselves scrolling Instagram, Twitter, etc. So when in doubt turn off all distracting electronic devices for an hour or more and give yourself the luxury of having complete concentration on what you want to accomplish.

5. Plan to work a normal work week-that’s 5 days, 6 tops! We all need time to regroup and I found if I’m in my office 7 days a week I’m not as productive or creative.

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