Stylish Shade!


It’s Summer

It’s Hot

It’s time to take some SHADE!

Theresa Oversized Hat @ZCrave $199.00 on SALE $99.00
*Comes in a multitude of COLORS

Shoppe $67.99

Auxiliary Hamptons Straw Hat $38.00

Hamptons Straw Hat in Natural Mix

Shady Character Packable Wide Brim Straw Hat @Free $68.00

Roll Call Tan Brim Oversized Hat@ Lulu’ $54.00

Summer is heating UP and there’s no better time to take some shade from the Sun and those lovely yet aging rays.   The big brim  straw hat is a great choice to keep the Sun’s rays at bay. I have found a bevy of straw hats that will add some major style to your Sun game and will be easy on your pocket book.


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