Monday Memo

Just a little something to think about….

If you’re looking for a few suggestions on how to start a new endeavor or perhaps revisit a goal that you’ve had on the back burner, here are a few suggestions to get you going in the direction of your dreams.

1.Write it down. I know this is not new , but the number one way to get yourself motivated and to serve as a sort of “road map” to your dream is to WRITE IT DOWN. That means taking pen to paper and  write as specifically as possible what you want to attain.

2. Baby Steps:  Set  a specific time  aside each day to work toward this goal. I highly recommend  committing to your schedule –10 minutes each day to focus on an action toward attaining your goal. More times than not -this 10 minutes will turn into a longer session of productivity. The whole point of this exercise is to get yourself to consistently show up.

3. Block out Negativity:  Shut off any inner conversation with yourself and those of other  that say: You can’t do whatever your goal is…because(insert a  plethora of reasons). Only share your ideas and ask for suggestions from those that can offer support and some guidance or constructive feedback.

4. Be Open to learning: There are so many avenues and resources  via the Internet . If  you need  to learn a new skill, research information or searching for resources to buy sell or complete your project there are a bevy of resources available at your fingertips-all you need do is  “Google.”

3.  Visualize: See the end result. This serves to keep you motivated and focused. As the saying goes…Keep your “Eye on the Prize.”

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