I just did it out of the blue,” Siriano says. “Maybe it was naive.”

Thirty-nine minutes later, the governor’s office tweeted back, taking him up on his offer.

What began as an impulsive can-do gesture helped set off a chain reaction of good Samaritans, transformed Siriano’s fashion atelier from a nonessential business into an essential one and put his small staff of sewers back to work.

“That day, all [Cuomo] kept saying was, ‘We’re really low on supplies,’ ” Siriano recalls. “And I thought, well, we can make things.”

Siriano’s team has made thousands of masks in an array of colors. (Christian Siriano)

They complete 500 to 600 masks a day. They’ve produced upward of 7,000 of them by working four days a week. “We’re open to whatever they need now: hospital gowns, another kind of mask with a filter in it.”

Exerpt  courtesy of the Washington Post.com

As other fashion houses got on board to make masks it was Siriano to be the first to answer the call and is still turning out  500 to 600 masks per day with the help of his 10 wonderful seamstresses.  If you’re in the market for a mask from this wonderful designer or perhaps some major fashion for the upcoming season I urge you to take a long look through his website. Christian Siriano .com
I have followed this amazing designer since day one when he first  appeared on Project Runway Season 4 (which PS. he won) and continue to marvel at his beautiful creations.