Denim Days

Designer Jeans…Nili Lotan Celia Low Rise Flare Jeans

I did NOT see this coming. Denim is back ! I’m not saying that the basic jean aka pant is back -they will never leave BUT denim options are MAJOR for Fall 2020.  It’s like  the Style Gods took a step back to the 1980’s or was it the 90’s??? and there are oodles of fashion options all made from DENIM.  I guess we shouldn’t be toooooooo surprised, considering that denim is an absolute step UP from the Pandemic P.J. Right?!

So put those sweatshirts,lounge wear and PJ’s back in the drawer and opt out for a little something including your favorite pair of jeans all made from denim.

Corey Tenold’s Fall 2020 Collection Image Courtesy

Marissa Webb Pre Fall 2020

Dundas Pre-Fall 2020

and last but not least..the return of the denim skirt…

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