WRAP it UP! -Loving the Camel Wrap Coat

File under: Wardrobe staples every woman should own.

Wrap Coat from I.Magnum (A wardrobe staple that’s been in my closet FOREVER)

As I was flipping my closet this morning from Summer to Winter(because I’m an eternal optimist and even though the fires are  ongoing and the temps outside in LA are reading in the 90’s-I am forever hopeful for cooler days ahead)but I digress… I came upon one of my favorite items and might I note one that has been in my closet for like a thousand years. My trusty camel coat in Cashmere that I bought  over 20 years ago at I.Magnum. Back in the day, I longed for a cashmere camel wrap coat that I felt would stand the test of time. So I spent a small fortune and bought this one pictured above. Somehow I just knew that it was worth the investment and I am happy to confirm that this was a correct assessment.  I have worn this coat for years and still love it. So my message today is this. I know we’re not exactly dressing up and painting the town red BUT if you’re looking to put your money into a good investment piece this season-go for a basic camel wrap coat. You can find them at every price point and this is one coat that can be dressed down or dressed up to the nines. As my Mother use to say: Good taste never goes out of style and I’d like to add to Mom’s mantra “Buy Well Buy Once.” I know this coat is a keeper  and one I will continue to wear for years to come. And that my Glamour Girls is a Wrap on The Camel Wrap Coat.


Max Mara Coat @ Matches.com

Lauren Ralph Lauren @ Macy’s $400.00

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