FBF…DIY Door Decor

Not so long ago and right about this time of year-I would  entertain the idea to channel my inner Martha (as in Stewart)  and cut greenery from around my yard and wire it all together to make my very own Holiday Door Decor.  In theory, I imagined I’d have this done in the time it took Martha to do it on a previous TV segment- which added up to about 20 minutes. My timing was wayyy off (this project would take anywhere from 2-3 hours)BUT the results were…not so bad -I think Martha might even approve.

I will absolutely cop to the fact that this idea came to me as I scoured the local florists and DIY shops to find -Ready -made  Christmas greenery that often looked like it had been put on a diet (this is LA so THAT is totally possible) -the outdoor greenery  was usually rail thin and willowy and didn’t have allot of body to it.. unless of course you bought gobs of the stuff which would quickly add up to the price of a  pair of Stuart Weitzman  Boots ($595.00) . Soooo not happening on something that lasts only a few weeks. Not wanting to squander my wardrobe money  I then opted for chopping , clipping and cutting greenery that I had in my own backyard and after a little wiring  of each and every branch, stem and berry .. I would end up with something each year that looked like …Well …like  you see in this post. 

Wiring greenery best done on flat surfaces.




Just a little something I thought to share today…if you’re still looking for ways to beat the Pandemic doldrums and decorate your home to the nines all while saving money and getting in some crafty time.  All you need are some branches of greenery, berries, floral wire (you can get at any craft store, and a bit of time.

P.S. I highly suggest wearing garden gloves while putting together your  Holiday Door Decor.  They not only keep your hand warms but prevent you from getting wire cuts and scratches from pine needles.



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