Monday Quote & In-Store Shopping Tips

Today’s quote is one that I hope will make you smile.

We have 10 days… count um..10 days until Xmas Eve and you know what that means…there’s ONLY 10 more days to FINISH all the shopping and prepping and decorating in time for Christmas.

If you’re one of those Super duper organized shoppers that is done with their Xmas shopping in May, well then my hats off to you.

However, if you haven’t started and/or trying to finish (and are dubious of the On line delivery times or just like to support local retailers) here are a  few  of my favorite In Store shopping tips to help you get that list done in nothing flat:

I don’t mean to brag…BUT I’m pretty good at this whole Support your “Local Retailer” Shopping thing…Favorite tips below.

  1. Make a list of EVERYONE you need to shop for. Don’t wing it and go from memory.  Brain fog is often known to happen when you come across a 70% off SALE sign.
  2. Make sure you have something to EAT and drink before you shop.
  3. Keep hydrated (Always carry a small bottle of water in your purse. (More times than not your thirsty and not hungry).
  4. Shop EARLY (right when the stores open) or as late in the day as your schedule and store hours allow.
  5. Stock is substantially diminished in stores this year. If you’re shopping and can’t decide between two items for someone…buy them both and return one after you’ve had time to consider which one is best.
  6. Use only one credit card for purchases during the holidays, and pay it off in full at the end of the month. You will not only have a complete record of what you’re bought during the holidays but it’s  easier and faster  to return an item on a charge card versus a debit card.
  7. ALWAYS get a gift receipt. 
  8.  If you’re mailing items from USPS.. Learn to use the free standing postal machines to weigh and stamp your items. You’ll avoid waiting in long lines and will be in and out of the Post Office Pronto.
  9. Prep your mailing packages:  Each package should be addressed, sealed/taped and ready to go when you get to the Post office. This will save you mountains of aggravation and time if you think ahead and have everything ready -prior to putting your item on the postal scale.
  10. When in doubt use the FLAT RATE boxes provided for FREE from the Post Office. More times than not this will save you money.

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