Sunday Refelction

Hello Glamour Girl and welcome to a brand New Year full of possibilities.

I don’t think I’m talking “out of school” when I say that  we’re more than THRILLED that 2020 is O.V.E.R. . Granted with  the never ending quarantine and downtime inflicted on our lives, we had time to reflect on allot, and I do mean ALLOT  of things and reconsider exactly how we are feeling about life in general.

2020 wasn’t a complete wash, as I’m sure many of us learned a few new things:

 Zoom was HUGE! (I ask… did you ever Zoom before the Pandemic)? WeTransfer, Dropbox and assorted other SEND skills  boomed when it came to communicating for business and personal,, and don’t even get me started on self taping, ring lights and learning how to edit content via iMovie.

Baking took off  to levels almost unimaginable!  Were you able to buy flour or sugar in March or April? Apparently everyone was making bread and starting to cook from home.

I witnessed firsthand people walking  in neighborhoods in LA, which is rare because prior to Covid -Angelenos-are NOT known to walk  ANYWHERE but rather drive EVERYWHERE.I  was delighted to see families taking walks together, neighbors engaging in conversation in their yards while social distancing and people as a whole slowing down and taking in nature. I had to pinch myself and wonder if we had not  embarked on some sort of time travel back to the 1960s.

Nobody was dressing up-hence it was hard to author a post and not feel ridiculous writing about  suits, sequins or stilettos. Loungewear was the norm and  people were realllly in relaxation mode.

Sooo here we are at the start of a New Year, still navigating through this Pandemic ,but perhaps a whole lot more hopeful that someday in the next 3-6 months we will once again find ourselves living life more fully.

As we go forward, I am here to cheer you on and remind you that YOU can do anything. For goodness sake-you’ve made it through a Pandemic and if you’re reading this you’re still standing.  I urge you to make this the year that you are fearless in the pursuit of what brings you joy, makes you feel useful and productive and to do whatever it takes to brings your dreams that much closer to reality.

I send my deepest wishes and prayers that 2021 will be all that you desire and so much more.




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