Monday…is it time for a Change?

Happy Monday! Today is January 11, 2021.For anyone that’s into numbers or Numerology for that matter-there’s a whole lot of one’s in today’s date(1/01/2021). If you ready to start a New Year and needed a week to warm up to the notion that things have got to change for the BETTER including an end to this Pandemic, a more peaceful political climate and the notion of getting back to some kind of normal.

Bearing in mind that this is just the beginning I ask you (and myself for that matter) what do I need to do to make this a better year ahead. Things like cleaning out clutter from your closet or organizing different areas of your home may seem mundane and trivial but I am a big believer that when you clean out the clutter and organize your space it provides clarity in your life which usually overflows into all areas of your life.

Sooo here’s a little something to start your week (and your year for that matter). I hope we can collectively embrace a change for the better.


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