Monday “Kindly”Mantra

I’m a big believer that what the world could use right now is a major dose of kindness.

The quarantine and ensuing shutdown has made us all a bit anxious to say the least.  I cannot blame anyone for feeling  out of sorts, hedging on irritable but I continue to endorse the notion that we will all get through this difficult time a whole lot better with a daily dose of kindness…. not only to each other but to ourselves. 

An act of kindness or generosity doesn’t have to cost you anything. In fact, it can be as simple as a cheerful Hello, opening a door for someone, paying a parking meter that’s about to expire or just going a smidge out of you way for someone in need.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and hoping that you find time in your day to extend a simple act of kindness.


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