Closet Flip and the Top 5 Questions to Consider

Spring is here and so is SPRRRING cleaning. Where oh where  is a Glamour Girl to begin? (This is not a trick question) …in your closet- of course! I call it the Closet Flip and with the onset of warmer days ahead-it’s time to re-evaluate your wardrobe.

Before you pack things away and bring Summer items out of storage, I think it’s a good make that a great time, to take a good look at your closet and EDIT…

Below is a list of  my Top 5 RED FLAGS aka questions to consider when evaluating  any and all items in  your wardrobe.

Does it stay or does it go.???? Answer honestly and you will KNOW!

  • Does it Fit-and I do mean to perfection!. This is the number 1 question to consider when pondering…”Do I keep or Do I  purge.”  If the item is too small then out it goes. If it’s to big and you LOVE it-then get it altered ASAP  and start wearing it.
  • Does it FLATTER your figure OR do you look in the mirror and ask yourself-WHAT WAS I THINKING (when I bought this)! Cut your loses now. No need to be reminded of  buying something that just doesn’t work.
  • Can it be repaired? It doesn’t matter how much you love that once favorite sweater- the moths loved it more and had it for breakfast. Time to say good bye.
  • Are you uncomfortable and you can’t bear to wear it? GONE.
  • Does it make you feel beautiful aka  your very best? If not- Bah- bye!

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