“Skirting” the issue….

Alexis Skirt

Mini Trend Alert!!!

This just in..(and you may be surprised)

The number 1 trending Apparel item that is selling out in droves  is-(wait for it) skirts! Apparently women have had enough with lounge wear and are looking to UP their style game. Skirts are selling at a rapid rate and I for one am H.A.P.P.Y to hear this news!

Plaid Vintage Skirt *Click on image to view on website

Skirts can be a God send when it comes to comfort and so stylish when paired with the perfect top and or sweater combo. Here are just a few Summer inspirations to get you inspired:


Ruffle Jean skirt *Click if for website info

Navy Blue Modest Striped Ruffle Skirt $35.00 *click on image to view on website

Carolina Hi Lo Maxi *Click on Image to view on website

Buy or make a skirt for the season ahead. * Skirts are so easy and fast to make.  I’m wearing Vogue pattern 8882…


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