Shoe Spotlight….Marvelous Marc Fisher

Can you ever have too many shoes? The immediate response is a resounding  Nooooo!

When we stop to break it down by shoe category we will admit that there are all sorts of shoes that enter the confines of our closet.

Some are there “just for show” aka the pairs your wear  when you KNOW you’re going to be sitting and not standing or walking any great distance because although pretty …they are uncomfortable with a capital U!!!(as in Ugh)

Then there are the standard staples-the pairs you wear on rotation. They are comfortable and are your “go to selections” that you pull out and wear with anything and everything.

Last but not least there are THE SHOES that you just look at because they shouldn’t really be walking the streets. These are the pairs that are soooo beautiful -it would be best if  you kept them  under glass or perhaps on display in your very own shoe museum.   (I know you know what I’m talking about)!…more than likely you have a pair or two (or three)  that fit this description).

But back to shoes that you can actually wear because they are stylish, and comfortable and (wait for it-affordable). Yes it is the trifecta of shoe love and I have found this to be true in all and I do mean all of the Marc Fisher shoes that I own.

I am a huge fan of Marc Fisher footwear and I have a feeling you will be too!

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P.S. *Free shipping and free returns on all items

P.S.S. Make sure you check out the Sale selections as well! Great prices on fabulous fashion abound on the site .


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