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A formal dining room is a treasure to behold. If you’re lucky enough to have a floor plan in your home to accommodate this space I’ve listed  a few essentials to make your dining area divine.

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  1. The perfect table: Your dining room table can be any style and shape- just make sure it gives you options.. and by options I mean  that the table comes with extensions often known as leaves so you have the ability  to add additional seating for holiday meals or large dinner parties.

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2. Comfortable Seating is KEY! Let’s just say it…when you sit down at the dinner table you’re going to be there for awhile. If it’s a great dinner party you’re going to be sitting even longer- so the last thing you want for your family or friends is to be is ” uncomfortable.” Chairs are key to comfort and if their upholstered -all the better. No matter what your design preference make sure it is coupled with comfort.

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3. Lighting: It’s all about lighting in a dining room and no matter what fixture you choose to make this room complete, it’s best to install a dimmer switch (usually a knob that is easily installed to make  the room lighting – brighter or darker),giving you a wonderful option for creating a mood for whatever event your hosting. Personally, I’m an advocate of a lighting STATEMENT PIECE when it comes to dining room lighting  (read into that chandeliers),however there ae oodles of options for you to choose from and whatever makes your room glow is something only you will know.

4. Space your seating  

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5. Finally…a few design tips when it comes to what to put on your walls.

Design Tip: Wallpapering one wall gives you a focal point as does one great piece of Art. 

                                     Image Courtesy of degournay.com *Hand Painted wall treatment

Wonderful wallpaper

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Design Tip: An amazing view is the best backdrop and focal point of all. 

Room with a view!

 Design Tip: Mirrors make a room appear larger.

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