Monday Moment…(of kindness)

Let’s admit it…The world got a little crazy during the Pandemic.

Now that things are really opening UP and getting back to what we could consider normal or a version of  what we once knew as normal, I have noticed -as of late a bit of tension that looms when I’m out and about. Perhaps this hostility is partly due to being locked down for so long and withdrawn from the outside world. Did we somehow forget  how to act around the general public?.. So for the sake of sanity and doing a small part in making the world a little better place- I have a suggestion that I hope will brighten all of our days as we interact with each other:

Be kind.

It’s been a rough 14 months-for all of us (and for many -much harder than we could  even imagine) so at the very least extend  a simple act of kindness or a gesture of acceptance when you’re interacting with others .YES this includes even complete strangers. . You never know when that simple act of kindness might just be the BEST thing that happened to that person in a long time.

Kindness….it can make an Impact (in the best of ways)!

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