Game ON! The Holidays are Upon Us!

Well Hello November!

Now that Halloween is behind us, I am here to say that :The holidays are officially ON! Truth be told, the holidays started wayyyy before now (I spotted  Xmas trees SET UP in stores as early as September)  but thought best to wait untill after Halloween to start the Holiday hooplah!

Before I delve into a post on Holiday Decor, I do want to share a major “quick tip” as the holidays move ahead:  I highly recommend  for everyone of you my lovely readers to: Plan ahead. Purchase presents, baking supplies and anything you may need for the upcoming holidays in advance. Case in point: Last week I needed a can of pumpkin puree and it took me 4 days to finally find some pumpkin perched on store shelves. We all have the 411 on shipments being delayed everywhere as of late, so just a gentle reminder- that if ever that was a time to buy something/anything in advance and not wait till the last minute…this is it!

Today, I’m featuring some beautiful pictures from The Pottery Barn Christmas look book, which I received months ago. The images are so beauuutiful and I hope it will get you inspired for the season ahead. Enjoy!

All images courtesy of Pottery Barn.


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