Monday Moment-The Maisel Pop Up on Melrose

The peeps promoting The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel came to LA this past weekend and put on quite a party at a Pop Up shop on Melrose Avenue. The line to get in wove round the corner for more than a mile and  Maisel devotees were clamoring to enter and experience mock up settings from the show (Susie Myerson’s office, The Blue Note Night Club, a game room to try your hand at playing mahjong, picture taking at Coney Island’s Ferris Wheel, and of course a deli and not one but two bars serving non alcoholic drinks named the Blue Note and the Button. The event also featured a fabulous live band and a bevy of people walking around in costumes of the era. The mood was festive and fun and it goes without saying that Maisel brought it to LA …BIG time.

 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel LA Pop Up  

Helloooo… Susie Meyerson’s Office

Yes…I work for Susie (Pics of Midge on the corkboard )


Bar #1

Bar #2

On the Marvelous LA Menu

Serving Bagels (natch) with an assortment of sides

Sit & Listen to Live Music at the Blue Note Lounge

A sweet server standing at the ready with coffee cups.

Step right up and get your picture taken at Coney Island.(it’s a mock up of course because we’re in LA).

At your service and ready for clean up on aisle 3


Sip and chat….

Play Mahjong and enjoy your drink with a donut (in white wrapping)

Floor Decal …just to make it Official.


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