International Day of….PINK!!!

O.K. I need names.. Who is responsible and better yet WHY oh WHY was there not a  text alert, Instagram reel or Tweet via Twitter to remind us  ahead of time that today June 23,  is (wait for it) THE International Day of PINK!

I had no idea that this was a celebration? Did you?   Well…before the day is done, I am here to announce that it is in fact (tah dah dah dah)  THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PINK.

What is International Pink Day?

Glad you asked.  I did a little deep dive on the matter and I found this interesting backstory:

Every year on June 23rd, National Pink Day colors the world with pink and explores everything it represents. Pink Day is celebrated mainly in America…but since it’s now called International Pink Day I gather that the rest of the world is jumping on the pink bandwagon.

Pink was first used as a name in the late 17th century, when pink got its name from the light red color of the flower of the same name.

What is the purpose of International Pink Day?

Simply put… to celebrate the color PINK and everything it represents, such as Childhood, femininity, softness, and the romantic.


So without further ado…Let’s take a moment to celebrate the prettiest of hues…PINK!

Adore the PINK Door!

Gown By Christin Siriano

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