Your Mid Summer Checklist

Quick Inquiry: Is anyone else having trouble keeping track of what day it is?? Summer is  the one season that literally seems to FLY BY!

The months of June through September are the perfect time of year to embrace a more relaxed and slower pace. It’s “vacation time” for many of us  and it’s also the perfect time of year to regroup and reassess how the year is going thus far and perhaps switch things up a bit in hopes of returning to the Fall schedule with a refreshed attitude.

Today’s blog is filled with a bevy of very doable (translation) EASY ways to help  you feel refreshed as the Summer days transition into Fall.

Upgrade your Beauty Routine

If you haven’t tried Dry brushing  yet, NOW would be the perfect time to start. This simple beauty routine is best done before you shower and the benefits are amazing!

Get Inspired….

Read a book that inspires! I just finished  Greenlight by Mathew McConaughey and it is one wonderful and motivating read to live your life on YOUR terms.

Get Quiet

Take a “time out” from the daily grind.

A girl needs a moment or two to quiet her mind and  regroup .

Reassess your Style 

With Summer sales in full swing and Fall Pre-Sale hitting the store- (aka The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) it’s the perfect time to make a list of what you need and  on the flip side-let go of items that no longer deserve closet space.

 *Roberto Cavalli dress that’s been collecting dust since the Pandemic. 

Should it stay or should it go? I need a moment to reassess and I’ll let you know.


Indulge in the fruits of Summer 

(Healthy and delicious)


Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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