National Handbag Day…

Today is National Handbag Day! Yay!!!

I know the calendar says the holiday deemed for October 10, is Columbus Day but handbag alert the HANDBAG has it’s own holiday and it lands on the exact same day!

Handbags are ESSENTIAL and that is written in all  capitals because  ask yourself: “What in the world would we do without a handbag to carry around all our essentials in?!” Thank Goodness the handbag provides a stylish solution.

In the event you need a  quick tutorial on all handbag styles I’ve sourced a  “Reference Resource a.k.a. the ultimate bag  fashion vocabulary…


And just to make National Handbag Day complete, I  cannot leave out my absolute favorite handbag inspired quote:

Here are three easy ways to keep your handbags looking like new: 

  1. Store handbags standing up.
  2. Stuff handbags with either handbag stuffers you can purchase or white tissue paper so you don’t ever have to worry about color bleed from tissue paper if it gets wet.
  3. Clean out your handbags  and make sure you wipe off any stains with a  damp soft cloth or use a leather cleaner  when appropriate. 


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