Hello November… Your Holiday Prep Steps

Hello November.  Here you are making your entrance without any major fanfare the day after Halloween (which is ALL ABOUT THE FANFARE).  There’s no parade, no November 1st Sale Day, not even a national holiday marking your arrival.

Perhaps you enter so quietly because from this moment on… things are going to get verrrrry busy as we sprint to the finish line of yet another year. Not that anyone is counting but there are a mere 60 days left until we say goodbye to 2022.

Before we raise our champagne flutes and toast to a brand New Year there are a “few” things we must attend to:

  1. Turn our clocks back as Daylight Savings Time officially ends  this weekend.
  2. Start  making plans and prepping for the upcoming holiday season including  shopping, baking, decorating and gift wrapping. (Buy EXTRA wrapping paper and scotch tape now-just a thought that you’ll thank me for later).
  3. Attend and  or give a bevy of holiday parties/brunches/neighborhood gathering and events.
  4. Take time to reflect  and reassess on the past year.
  5. Look forward to new beginnings as we bid adieu to 2022.

Looking at the list above could make any Glamour Girl feel overwhelmed BUT I am here to help you get off to an organized start.  Each step is totally doable and I promise with the right attention to detail you won’t even break a sweat or a nail.

  1. Day Light Saving Time ends-Easy Peasy: Turn your clocks back one hour on Saturday night and enjoy an extra hour on Sunday.  (With that extra hour of time on your hands: I highly recommend taking a seat in a quiet space  for  20 minutes and list every single person you want to give a gift to for the holidays. This will not only give your mind some mental clarity BUT it will keep you focused as to who to buy for and perhaps start jogging your memory for possible items to purchase for each person.  
  2. Thanksgiving is going to be here in a nanosecond. Start purchasing non-perishable food staples now. If you’re cooking the meal at home or bringing some special dishes to a Thanksgiving dinner elsewhere-trust me when I say that there is no time like the present to stock UP.
  3. Hosting Thanksgiving? Now is the perfect time to plan out your Thanksgiving table decor.  Pumpkins make a perfect centerpiece and are drastically marked down right now. (Especially pumpkins in non traditional colors like white / light green and additional autumnal colors). Pumpkins purchased now will easily keep until December . Grouping pumpkins together in different hues makes a fast, festive and  and easy centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.
  4. Last but certainly not least (because this is Go To Glamour Girl for goodness sake): Go into your closet and peruse your wardrobe ASAP. Right now (pre holiday stress) your mind is clear as a bell and you can pull together items with greater ease.  Mix and match a bevy of holiday outfits that you already own and put them aside for all those upcoming holiday parties. (Side note: You can also pair items together and take pictures on your cell phone for  future reference). Chances are you already own  the perfect red blazer, or perhaps a tuxedo jacket, a top with some sparkle, or even a festive flat that will pull the whole ensemble together in no time flat. In the end all these prep steps are sure to save you time & money while relieving a  major dose of seasonal holiday stress. It’s your basic win-win.

From me to you.. Go and DO!


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