Are We Skipping Thanksgiving???

Quick Question??? Because I just have to ask….

Am I the only person NOT putting up their Christmas decorations until AFTER Thanksgiving?

It seems that Thanksgiving is being passed by or in a word SKIPPED because we’re in a  BIG hurry to  celebrate Christmas.

I am not naming names BUT, there does seem to be a plethora of people posting pictures of their homes already decorated for Christmas on every outlet of social media.  Yes, we are talking Christmas trees UP and decorated, yards of garland gorgeously draped on staircases and  framing front doors. Christmas stockings are hung by the mantle and a substantial smatterings of presents  are already placed under the Christmas tree.

Isn’t there some design rule that prohibits putting up your Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving?

I’ve barely etched out my Christmas list so please don’t even brooch the topic of shopping because the only shopping I’ll be doing in the next week  is in preparation for the Thanksgiving dinner.

Did we miss some sort of holiday EMERGENCY ALERT? One that requires us to step  it up and have our Christmas prep completed before the Thanksgiving turkey  is stuffed and in the oven?

Why are we in such a hurry to celebrate Christmas? I know that Covid put a deep damper on the holidays for the past few years but isn’t that an even better case to celebrate each and every holiday to its fullest?

Thanksgiving is that one special holiday when we are gathered together to enjoy each other’s company and take a moment of deep gratitude for all that we have been given.

I know life moves pretty fast but let’s all take a collective breath and slow down  to enjoy each day.

 Translation: Don’t even think of skipping ThanksgivingChristmas will be here soon enough. I promise… 




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