Feb 11, 2020

Tuesday Tip:Trending…Sparkle for Spring

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Category: Fashion

Tracee Ellis Ross in Lacroix

Note to self..silver and gold are going to be BIG for Spring.

If the Oscar After Party is any indication for trends going forward (which P.S. it usually is) keep your eyes open for allot of SPARKLE. Here are a few glamorous inspirations in silver and gold.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Kerry Washington in Zuhair Murad

Jessica Alba

Diane Kruger

Charlize Theron

All images Courtesy of Harpers Bazzar.com


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Feb 8, 2020

Hearts that Sparkle… under $100.00

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Category: Fashion

If there’s one Glamour Girl GO TO that everyone loves (not to mention it’s the one size fits all -a perfect gift item with no worries about sizing) it’s jewelry.  I  mean: Who doesn’t L.O.V.E. a bit of bling  to add a bit of HAPPY to their day?!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day-are a few babbles in  the heart shaped motif.  Each piece is priced under $100.00  and all are available at Shopbop.com. Shop to your heart’s content. xoxoT


Kate Spade New York Pave Small Heart Studs ($58.00)

Brinker & Eliza Eclipse Earrings ($98.00)

Kenneth J Lane Heart Drop Earrings $90.00)

Shashi Heart Diamond Clip ($28.00)

Shashi Lust Earrings $42.00)

Gorjana Heart Necklace $55.00)

And last but not least I  want to include these two beauties below.  The price point is over $100.00 but it may be something you want to add to your Valentine’s Day wish list. Sooo pretty.

Viva Earring ($145.00)

Sydney Evan Love Ring ($860.00)

All Images Courtesy of Shopbop.com
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Feb 5, 2020

Etsy Love…Sweet Sites to See

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Category: Fashion

I know there are a zillion sites to shop these days but I wanted to spotlight  3 of my absolute favorites on ETSY today because they’re beyoooond fabulous!  When you have a moment check out these little gems. I think you ‘ll enjoy them as much as I do. Happy Hump day.

  1. Baking in Heels– (Love the shop name) and  an absolutely adorable site for beautiful cookie confections.

Baking in Heels @ Etsy.com

2. Vintage Jewelry –Land of Vast Desires..Run don’t walk to this absolutely stunning site with Vintage Jewelry.  This is a HIGH end shop and offers pieces that are in perfect condition (many are signed originals).  Seriously…AMAZING! The shop is out of Palm Beach…soooo you know this is the good stuff.

Land of Vast Desires @ Etsy.com

3. Beautiful and  Unique Home wares: Yvonne Ellen- one of the most beautiful and whimsical sites to find specialty plates, tea cups, saucers, bowls and so much more.

Yvonne Ellen Homewares @ Etsy.com

Images courtesy of individual Etsy Shop listed. Click on image to go directly to item and site. 
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Feb 4, 2020

All the better..if it’s Vegan Leather!

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Category: Fashion

Anouki High Waisted Vegan Skirt @Moda Operandi.com ($490.00)

I’m a huge fan of  Vegan leather and today I thought I’d share a little insight as to why you might want to go faux in addition to some stylish selections that I hope will inspire.

  • First and foremost,I’m a major animal advocate and  when we can go faux -then all the better

(Fun style story). After purchasing my first Vegan moto jacket, I got so many compliments  on my beautiful  “leather”   jacket  in addition to some inquiries about the cost  which they assumed – had to be in the triple digits….everyone and I do mean everyone thought it was the real deal.

  • Second on my list.Never and I do mean never underestimate the look of a good vegan counterpart -it can fool even the most advanced style savant.

Jonathan Simkhai Vegan Leather Twist Skirt @ Shopbop.com $475.00

  • Finally, is the cost (savings) of going vegan.You will save a bundle for a look made of vegan leather in comparison to real leather.

Alexis Briana Vegan Leather Skirt @Shopbop ,com $363.00 (on sale $254.10)

  • Sooooo-if you’re look for an environmental way to help save our precious animals, while at the same time save money but still look lux when it comes to wearing a faux..vegan leather is the way to go!

Nanushka Vegan Leather Wrap @ Moda Operandi.com ($360.00)

As you can see I have found a wide selection of fabulous vegan skirts with links back to the retailer in addition to some bonus style selections below….. Enjoy !

NY&C Black Faux Leather Skirt $79.95

BBDakota Vegan Leather Jacket @ Shopbop .com $98.00

Vegan Leather Dress Rebecca Taylor @ Shopbop $450.00

Rebecca Taylor Vegan Leather Top @ Shopbop $375.00

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Jan 27, 2020

Monochromatic Monday

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion tips

Today I want to share one of my absolute favorite styling secrets to looking taller, slimmer and chic. It’s called monochromatic dressing.  I’ve  know I’ve blogged about this on more than one occasion,mainly  due to the fact that it’s one of my favorite ways to dress, in addition to styling my clients in head to toe shades of the same color to help them look and feel fabulous!

If per chance you think this look could hedge on borrrring or perhaps consider that you have to make every item matchy-matchy-(translation-that they have to be the exact same shade for the monochromatic look to work) that would be inccorrect. Monochromatic dressing is  anything but boring and you can mix textures within the same color to have a look that appears chic, expensive and well thought out.

Here’s a little style inspo to get you into a monochromatic Monday sort of mood!


Source of image attached to  each photo. Click on image to go directly to original resource.
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Jan 21, 2020

Tuesday’s Tip…

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion tips


It’s the start of a brand New Year and you know what that means…time to revisit your closet and do a little detox aka closet organizing and yearly clean out!

First, start by going into your closet and reviewing each and every item. Yes,  you are reading that right- I said  I want you to review each and EVERY item.  Here’s a list of quick questions to ask yourself  if you’re on the fence of  whether to keep, toss or donate:

If  any item doesn’t make you feel you’re  BESTditch it ! Same goes for items that are beyond repair,don’t quite fit, or are a bit dated.  I know it’s tough love but you’ll thank me the next time you look into your closet and  every item in there makes you more confident and beautiful. Closet space comes at a premium, and by getting rid of the old,unused or unflattering styles, it allows for the new & improved item(s) to enter  your wardrobe rotation.

Lastly, in order to optimize your closet space to the absolute maximum, all you need do is hang all items back using the same type of hanger. Uniformity is key when you’re looking for extra space, and BONUS…it makes your whole closet look so much more organized.

Zober Non Slip Velvet Hangers (Amazon.com $15.99 -pack of 30)

Zober Premium Velvet Skirt Hangers (Amazon.com $23.99 box 20)

Zober Wood Hangers ( Amazon.com $22.90 pack of 20)

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Jan 17, 2020

Fantastic Friday

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Category: Fashion

Hello Friday! Wellll, the holidays are behind us and we are smack dab in the middle of January. If you’re looking for a little something to put a little pep in your step I HIGHLY suggest adding a pretty POP of animal print in your world.

Animal print is a neutral..(translation-you can pair it with anything)BUT I do suggest you wear only one animal print at a time. My final note on any animal print is that it only be faux. Faux is the only way to go.

Here are a few fashionable suggestions to inspire you to indulge in a pop of print this weekend.

Happy Friday!

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Jan 12, 2020

Get your Brooch ON!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

If you’re looking for some wonderful ways to wear all those beautiful pins and brooches (that are usually sitting dormant in your jewelry box or bedroom drawer ) I’ve sourced a number of stylish solutions below. Enjoy and remember to go forth and get your brooch on!







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Dec 30, 2019

Simply Chic New Years Eve Outfits

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

If you’re stressing over what to wear this New Year’s Eve and plans include attending a fancy  or not so  soiree’,never fear… Chic & Simple Stylish Solutions are here.

Keep in mind  these wardrobe components when dressing for NYE and you’ll be ready to attend any celebration looking chic and stylish without a whole lot of muss or fuss.

1.Keep it simple, (opt for classic pieces that stand the test of time).

2.Pay special attention to fit (because let’s face it- we’re at the tail end of holiday celebrating and may have put on a pound or 2.

3. When in doubt Add BLING. BLING is always a good thing, especially on New Year’s Eve.

I hope you enjoy these chic and simple selections, and if you happen to be in a pinch-time wise,there’s always that “wonder of wonders” called Overnight shipping.

Let the celebration ensue.

Outfit @Net-a-porter.com


Galvan London Sequined Dress@ Shopbop.com

A.L.C. Renzo Dress @ Shpbop

Black Halo Audrey Dress @ Shopbop

A.L.C. Jane Dress @ Shopbop.com

Alice & Olivia Inka Dress @ Shopbop.com


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Dec 19, 2019

Holiday Quick List ..#9 & 10 -Shoes & Handbags

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

I am soooo behind in completing the Holiday Quick List of Basic Wardrobe essentials to have in your closet  so mucho APOLOGIES and without any further delay… let’s get to it.

 Shoes & Handbags….

Handbags & Shoes..A girl can NEVER have too many!

When  you’re thinking about a handbag for the holidays …downsizing is key. Go small …think a pretty clutch,or petite shaped handbag.

Ganni Beaded Pouch

Women’s Evening Clutch @Heelsandbags.com $22.99

Woman’s Crystal Beaded Bag from MISS36

Ganni Beaded Pouch

Peacock Clutch@Roseinbags.com ($34.92)

Crystalsbydavid@Etsy $79.00


When it comes to shoes and heel height,there’s no better time than the holidays to hike that heel height UP! When you stop and really assess your comfort factor with a higher heels- consider just how much you will be sitting (translation-resting your feet) . You’ll be sitting ALLOT. You sit down to dinner, you sit down to open gifts, you sit down to socialize, so why not go for wearing a higher heel height?!  In sporting a 2-3 inch heel you’ll appear taller and thinner, which is a major win- win at anytime but especially during the season of food indulgence .

Badgley Mischka Emily Pointed Toe Pump
@ Shopbop  ($225.00 SALE $157.50)

Sophia Webster Chiara Sandal (^50 Sale $455.00)

Badgley Mischka Ozara Pump $198.00

Erica Bow Mules Talbots (Now 40% off $139.00)


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