May 13, 2021

The WONDERFUL White Blouse

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If you want to add a style staple to your wardrobe and have a one stop item to wear this Summer please consider the simple (or not so simple) white blouse. I know this is not earth shattering news that the white blouse is a wardrobe “must have” BUT I am here to say that a beautiful fitting white blouse can add miles of style to your summer wardrobe.  Here are a few beautiful white blouses to give you some inspiration and  three selections at the bottom that you can purchase ASAP with 5 star customer reviews.

Affordable Options

*click on image and go directly to site

Floral Pattern Embroidery top from $21.99 (5 star reviews) Crochet Lace Bell Sleeve Blouse ($22.99) 5 Star reviews

Crochet Eyelet Button Down Chicwish $54.90) ( 5 star-this one is gorgeous)

Shop My White button blouse $44.62) Sale $28.79

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Oct 5, 2020

Stuck in Neutral…Not such a bad thing after all!

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Category: Wardrobe basics

Stuck in NOT always a bad thing. Case in point the outfits below  are these lovely outfits perfect for fall and all in neutral tones.

Neutral tones  when paired together in an outfit allow a blank slate  for you to add a POP of color or texture for interest. At the same time when  neutral tones are worn from head to toe -can be verrrrry slimming. Sooooo it’s your basic win win combo.

Here are just a few  examples to get you inspired . Pair your neutrals together and add that extra special accessory to amp your style up just a tad. Happy Monday and have a beautiful week ahead.

Image source linked to photo 


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Sep 24, 2020

WRAP it UP! -Loving the Camel Wrap Coat

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Category: Wardrobe basics

File under: Wardrobe staples every woman should own.

Wrap Coat from I.Magnum (A wardrobe staple that’s been in my closet FOREVER)

As I was flipping my closet this morning from Summer to Winter(because I’m an eternal optimist and even though the fires are  ongoing and the temps outside in LA are reading in the 90’s-I am forever hopeful for cooler days ahead)but I digress… I came upon one of my favorite items and might I note one that has been in my closet for like a thousand years. My trusty camel coat in Cashmere that I bought  over 20 years ago at I.Magnum. Back in the day, I longed for a cashmere camel wrap coat that I felt would stand the test of time. So I spent a small fortune and bought this one pictured above. Somehow I just knew that it was worth the investment and I am happy to confirm that this was a correct assessment.  I have worn this coat for years and still love it. So my message today is this. I know we’re not exactly dressing up and painting the town red BUT if you’re looking to put your money into a good investment piece this season-go for a basic camel wrap coat. You can find them at every price point and this is one coat that can be dressed down or dressed up to the nines. As my Mother use to say: Good taste never goes out of style and I’d like to add to Mom’s mantra “Buy Well Buy Once.” I know this coat is a keeper  and one I will continue to wear for years to come. And that my Glamour Girls is a Wrap on The Camel Wrap Coat.


Max Mara Coat @

Lauren Ralph Lauren @ Macy’s $400.00

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Dec 7, 2019

The Black Pant ….Holiday Style

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Category: Fashion Wardrobe basics

Day 2 of The Holiday Quick List (Your complete guide to wardrobe staples)  (tah dah dah dah..)The Tuxedo Pant..

Before you start yawning and dismiss the tuxedo pant, might I just say that this little baby can make you appear taller, slimmer and chic as can be when  it fits to perfection and worn with a bit of a heel. The tuxedo pant is instantly versatile and can be dressed up or down.

Dress it up with a feminine tuxedo jacket or a great fitting blazer. Dress it down with a simple sweater,blouse or camisole.

I’ve selected three great pairs today all around the $100.00 price point.

If you just can’t embrace the tuxedo pant and want something a bit more high fashion, scroll down  and see my suggestion that should quell your couture craving.

Black Ultra Slim Fit Tuxedo Pant @Little black tux ($99.00)

Tuxedo Pleat Tapered Pant @White House Black Market ($99.00)


Marlowe Tuxedo Pant from The Dessy Group $125.00)

For the woman looking for a dressy tapered “tuxedo inspired” look with a bit of high fashion you might want to consider the pant from Retrofete available at Shopbop.

Retrofit Tally Pant @ Shopbop $385.00

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May 20, 2019

Stylish White Shirting

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Category: Wardrobe basics

Stylish… white shirting? YES, you’re reading that correctly. Most of the time style mavens (like you) think the classic white shirt is oh so boring.But, I want to take a moment and have you reconsider this style staple.

There are so many reasons to have at least three (YESSS-3-white shirts in your closet at all times:

  • The classic button down, long sleeve- preferably in a high grade cotton that is not prone to wrinkle. There are endless style options for the classic button down-dress it up or down and you’ll always look pulled together and chic.
Image Courtesy of Burberry $1090.00
A perfect pairing for Summer-White on White
Dress it up!
  • Your second white blouse would be constructed using a more luxury fabric (think: silk, silk charmeuse or a high grade polyester that looks like silk).

KJ Selections $23.96
  • Lastly, the third white blouse in your closet should lean toward dressy. This could be a feminine tuxedo shirt , or another style with some interesting detailing.
Bow Knot Ruffle Blouse by Speakshop $79.00 ON SALE $28.95
D2C Shop $49.90

With these three options in in your wardrobe- I promise (hand over heart and standing in my closet) that you will NEVER be without a perfect pairing to wear ever again.

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May 10, 2019

The Terrific Trench

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Category: Wardrobe basics
Audrey Hepburn in Sunset Blvd /Courtesy Getty Images

A stylish trench is a Classic wardrobe staple. It’s the layering piece every woman needs. The trench coat can elevate your look and can be worn…rain or shine.

Style Tips:

First and foremost invest in a trench that fits you to a T. The trench shape should fit your fame and flatter your figure. Pay special attention to the length. Think: not to long,not to short…. Just right!

A trench coat is best when lined. It allows the fabric to drape better over your body.

Details of your trench matter. Check button quality and buttonholes to insure stitching is secure. Also take note of even top stitching and secure belt loops. Lastly, the belt- does it slide through the belt loops with ease and is it long enough?

Buy well…. Buy Once! . The trench is a style staple that can be in your wardrobe rotation for years to come. Purchase the best quality trench that you can afford. If it’s going to hang in your closet for years to come it best be something that you love wearing with confidence and a “bit of happy.”

Christie Brinkley in a Stylish Trench Image Courtesy of
Image Courtesy of Juliana Parisiblog
Trench Coats aren’t just for rainy day..stylish for Summer when the temps dip a bit.
Topshop Trench $170.00

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Sep 21, 2018

Back to Basic(s)

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Category: Wardrobe basics

Nothing and I do mean nothing is more basic than your classic white shirt. After you stop YAWNING at the mere mention of this closet staple might I just say that the white shirt has a multitude of style options (dress it up -pair with a skirt-pencil, long and short) and pants or dress down with jeans, it can  be a stylish and crisp alternative to amp up your style quotient.

The white shirt  is a blank canvas, allowing you to accessorize to the 10th power  and customize your look to attain  uber fabulousness. You can pair it with anything and everything. Put on a pair of amazing earrings, or  add a statement necklace, opt for a super stylish footwear (pump,boots,loafers) and WHAH LAH! You’ll be amazed at  how a simple white shirt can elevate your entire look to the next level.

Click on image for original source  

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Apr 23, 2017

Club Monaco is Setting up Shop

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Category: Wardrobe basics

If you happen to be looking for some updated basics when it comes to work attire you might want to check out the brand new Office Shop at Club It has a beautiful assortment of suit jackets that do not I repeat DO NOT resemble the standard 2 button blazer. The styles are sleek and simply stated and you might just want to invest in a piece or two to update your work wear for Spring. Click on pic below to view the NEW Office Shop available now at Club

club monaco sleeve

Image Courtesy of Club Monaco

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Mar 15, 2017

Fashion Mantra

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Oct 21, 2016

My Moto

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Image courtesy via

I’ve been a fan of the wardrobe staple leather motorcycle (abbreviation Moto) jacket for as long as I can remember. Among the absolute favorites in my closet is my beloved Vakko moto that I purchased more than 10 years ago and spent a small fortune on BUT the leather was “like butter” and all these years later it still stands the test of time. If I can advise you on purchasing one item that you can wear year after year with a plethora of fashion possibilities I urge you to buy a leather or faux leather moto jacket. You will thank me in the morning and for many morning to come.

My Vakko Moto.. Still.... "like butter"

My Vakko Moto..
Still…. “like butter”


Image via Pinterest/Source not given

Image courtesy of breakfast atyurmans.tumblr

Image courtesy of breakfast atyurmans.tumblr

Not a fan of “Basic Black” try a neutral tone…think taupe/grey/brown.

Image courtesy Pinterest/

Image courtesy Pinterest/

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