Apr 15, 2021

Wonderful Wallpaper-is making a Comeback!

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Did you get the MEMO???

Image courtesy of Domino.com

Similar to the way of denim that’s making a major return to the fashion forefront.. WALLPAPER is staging a BIG comeback in home goods. Who knew?? As of now- we both do.

Seems that wonderful wallpaper is BACK  in high demand. Being a  girl that gravitates to a more monochromatic palette when it comes to decor, I can appreciate a POP of wallpaper that is perfectly placed to make some major impact.

Should you need a little inspiration to wallpaper UP… here are a few suggestions with links for where to purchase. When links are not available I have shown images as a suggestion for Decor possibilities.

Scalamandre Zebras Wallpaper Available @ Lynn Chalk.com

Schumacher Queen of Spain Wallpaper

Leftover wallpaper makes a lovely lining for your drawers.

Wallpaper to back closet wall shelving. Resource unavailable but you can use any pattern and it will bring impact.

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Mar 30, 2021

POP of Pink

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Category: Glamorous Decor


I got to thinking (mmmmmm), it’s almost Easter,  and Easter gets me to thinking about spring which leads to ponder  the plethora of spring colors -which usually lands me thinking about one color in particular…I can’t help but  I THINK IN PINK! (Andee Parker are you with me on this?!-Andee is one of my dearest friends and a fashion maven in her own right-truth be told a lover of pink as well…hence the reference).

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adler

Pink is a preferred hue in my galaxy and I am here to proclaim that a pop of pink can really spruce up your Decor. It can be any hue of  light pink, powder pink, bright pink, neon pink…whatever your prefer…as long as it’s pink. Need a little clarification or possible examples on how pink can perk up a space…here you go! 

I love Pink. Yes, you heard me… Pink is a preferred hue in my galaxy and I am here to proclaim that a pop of pink can really spruce up your Decor. It can be any hue of  light pink, powder pink, bright pink, neon pink…whatever your prefer…as long as it’s pink. Need a little clarification or possible examples on how pink can perk up a space…here you go! 


Image courtesy of palmtreesandlemonade.com

Image Courtesy of House & Garden


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Mar 25, 2021

Let’s Dish!!

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Category: Glamorous Decor

“Let’s dish” about pretty plates for Easter. I’ve been sourcing two of my favorite sites (Williams & Sonoma & Ballard Designs) to find the most lovely plates  and bunny inspired accessories to dress your table for the upcoming Easter holiday or perhaps a Spring setting. I’ve attached links to each image and hope you find something on the blog that inspires you to spruce up your table or perhaps even put a little “Spring in your step.”

Williams Sonoma Setting using Bunny Famille Salad plates

Bunny Famille rose mixed Salad plates @Williams Sonoma ($14.95-$59.95)

Bunny Famille Rose boxed Appetizer plates set of 4@Williams Sonoma)


Damask Bunny Dinnerware Collection @ William Sonoma ($49.95 -$69.95)

Moss Bunny @ Ballard Design ($15.00-$29.00)

Bunny Sculpture on Stand @ Ballard Design (35.00-$39.00)

Chinoiserie Bunny Figure @Ballard Design $5.00-$35.00

Tulip Egg Salt & Pepper Set @ Ballard Design $79.00


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Mar 24, 2021

Chairs in Pairs

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Category: Glamorous Decor

Hump Day! YAY! If you’re in need of a little respite well then may I suggest you take a seat and enjoy a peak at some pretty and might I add hedging on whimsical  Chairs in Pairs. Yes, it took me a nanosecond to think of the title BUT I am here to tell you that there is no better way to spruce up your home and add a POP of style then a pretty pairing of chairs.  Enjoy!

* I have attached a link with each item when it was available. 

Mozart Carolyn Quartermaine -via Flickr


Image courtesy of Carolinagirl.com

Image Courtesy of MyVIbrantLife.com *Link currently unavailable

Image Courtesy of Onekingslane.com

Chair Whimsy via Etsy.com

Luella June.com

Paris Nights and New York lights tumblr

Image courtesy of House of Fifty Summers



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Mar 9, 2021

Tuesday’s TIP…Everyday Silver on Display

Posted By: Terri
Category: Glamorous Decor

After sorting though closets, drawers and cabinets during the past year’s LOCKDOWN,  it is clear to me that time is of the essence to actually use and ENJOY what we have in our homes. Translation: We shouldn’t wait for a “special occasion” to use any of our most prized possessions. For all those items that we didn’t discard during our closet/drawer and cabinet clear out- (and I’m betting that most of it pertains to silver items with a large helping of  china and crystal). I am gently suggesting that you take that lovely silver out of hiding and use it TODAY.  What are we waiting for…a special occasion? Everyday is a “special occasion to put some PRETTY in your day! If you’re at a loss as to how to use your lovely silver items -below are a few suggestions… Display away and put out the PRETTY!

Kitchen Utensils displayed with major style

Shine up that Silver and display it on it’s own.

Pretty petals are always perfect when displayed in Silver containers.

Convert a tarnished tray with chalk paint and display with a message that makes you smile.

Arts and Craft Holders that just got a major UPGRADE

What could be better than Silver and Crystal paired together!

Beautiful Bathroom setting with vintage crystal and silver.

Make Up done up with silver containers repurposed

One sensational & elegant soap holder

One of my favorite silver polishes just in case you need to take away the tarnish. (available at Bed Bath and Beyond and of course numerous online resources)

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Dec 11, 2020

FBF…DIY Door Decor

Posted By: Terri
Category: Glamorous Decor

Not so long ago and right about this time of year-I would  entertain the idea to channel my inner Martha (as in Stewart)  and cut greenery from around my yard and wire it all together to make my very own Holiday Door Decor.  In theory, I imagined I’d have this done in the time it took Martha to do it on a previous TV segment- which added up to about 20 minutes. My timing was wayyy off (this project would take anywhere from 2-3 hours)BUT the results were…not so bad -I think Martha might even approve.

I will absolutely cop to the fact that this idea came to me as I scoured the local florists and DIY shops to find -Ready -made  Christmas greenery that often looked like it had been put on a diet (this is LA so THAT is totally possible) -the outdoor greenery  was usually rail thin and willowy and didn’t have allot of body to it.. unless of course you bought gobs of the stuff which would quickly add up to the price of a  pair of Stuart Weitzman  Boots ($595.00) . Soooo not happening on something that lasts only a few weeks. Not wanting to squander my wardrobe money  I then opted for chopping , clipping and cutting greenery that I had in my own backyard and after a little wiring  of each and every branch, stem and berry .. I would end up with something each year that looked like …Well …like  you see in this post. 

Wiring greenery best done on flat surfaces.




Just a little something I thought to share today…if you’re still looking for ways to beat the Pandemic doldrums and decorate your home to the nines all while saving money and getting in some crafty time.  All you need are some branches of greenery, berries, floral wire (you can get at any craft store, and a bit of time.

P.S. I highly suggest wearing garden gloves while putting together your  Holiday Door Decor.  They not only keep your hand warms but prevent you from getting wire cuts and scratches from pine needles.



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Dec 9, 2020

“Dressed UP” Christmas Decor

Posted By: Terri
Category: Glamorous Decor

If you’re in the mood to dress UP your Christmas Tree this year and happen to have a mannequin and some tree branches just lying around… I may just have the perfect craft project for you to partake in. Each of these trees below  are Glamour worthy and at the same time add some much need levity to the season at hand. Go forth and craft away for this years Christmas Holiday.  Enjoy and I hope they inspire you to put a little fun in your Christmas holiday decor prep.



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Dec 2, 2020

Season of Sparkle

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Category: Glamorous Decor

Christmas is my  favorite time of year ,and I have a feeling I share this sentiment with  many of my beautiful readers.

Bearing in mind that we’re going to be dealing with the ongoing pandemic during the Christmas holidays this year, I’m mindful that to “stay safe and healthy “we’re all going to have to hunker down and cancel a large majority (if not all )of our usual holiday plans. But the good news is that there’s still time to bring on some SPARKLE and make the holidays as pretty as possible  not only for you and your family but for your neighbors.    Keeping SPARKLE at the forefront of  our holiday decorating  will  lift your spirits and BRIGHTEN our holiday season.



Taking it indoors….



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Nov 23, 2020

Simple and Stylish Settings

Posted By: Terri
Category: Glamorous Decor

The countdown is ON and if you’re serving Thanksgiving dinner to your immediate family and don’t want to spend gobs of time on table Decor here are a few QUICK and super simple styling solutions to update your utensil presentation.

When in doubt and serving buffet style, put utensils in a pretty  glass jar or silver container.

Feathers are fun and festive ..Add a little charm that you can find at a craft store and whah lah ..Beautiful table setting.


A little ribbon can go a long way in making your place settings look pretty.

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Oct 16, 2020

It’s TIME for a Sweet Treat

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Category: Glamorous Decor

Happy Friday!

Image courtesy of sheknows.com

Congratulations! You made it through another week. Let’s take a  collective moment and savor the sweetness of life..(translation)-let’s take a break and indulge if only just a little in the sweet treats of the season.

With Halloween fast approaching, many of us are sequestered to Trick or Treating in our own homes. Not exactly what we had in mind but we must make do and I have a suggestion to make it fun for you and your whole family. Why not put together some sweet treat boards filled with fun items for people in your home to indulge and enjoy. I have sourced a few inspiration boards for the adults and also for the children since Trick or Treating is supposed to be for the smaller ones but adults should not be denied a little bit of fun. Many of the boards are filled with ready made treats (sooo) no cooking required and when you do choose to cook you can add some festive cupcakes, cookies and candies for the season.

Melt some Chocolate and start dipping…Here’s a short list of items to consider BUT the options are endless:

Fresh Fruit: Apple, Bananas, Mango, Blueberries, Pineapple, Strawberries

Dried fruit & Nuts

Snacks: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Graham Crackers, Oreos, Biscotti, Rice Crispy Treats.

*Consider adding a side of Whipping Cream.

A board filled with your favorite Candies

Or stock with your favorite Cookies *Image courtesy of loveandmarriageblog.com

For the Children

Skeleton Party Plater*Instructions attached to linkClick on Image Courtesy of eHow.com


Image Courtesy of Target *All items available at Target

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