Apr 7, 2022

It’s “Curtains” for Easter

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Just in time for Easter, I finished whipping up a dress that has an interesting story behind it…

The Scarlett Story

My Mother was an avid sewer and made  all of our outfits as children. At the time, I had no idea how beautiful the outfits she made were.

Outfits made by my Mother *She made my coat in deep blue with a white collar & button accents.

All I knew was that every year before school started, my girlfriends on the block were taken to Sears & JC Penny’s to get new school clothes. While we (my sisters and I) had all out clothes made by our Mother. You remember being a child and wanting to fit in like everyone else?! I longed for outfits from the department stores. In hindsight, I realize and appreciate now, how beautiful and fashion forward my Mother dressed us. Her creations fit beautifully and were so much more stylish than any outfit from any department store.  Ohhh, what we don’t realize as children. Today I have come to appreciate my Mother for instilling a love of fashion, fit and sewing.

In 2020 one week before the start of the Pandemic, I  flew home to clean out and stage my parents home for sale.  My Mother passed in 2019 and my Father in 2018. As I sorted through the years of their belongings, I came across many of my Mother’s patterns and leftover fabric. I couldn’t bring myself to donate either so I boxed every pattern and fabric piece up and flew them back to LA.

Fast forward to a week ago when I was longing for a new Easter dress. to wear. I will admit to having a closet full of clothes but needed ? something new to wear??! Never mind that I we haven’t been able to dress up for Easter for 2 solid years due to the Pandemic and my dresses have been collecting dust in the closet…STILL I wanted something new.  Does this sound remotely familiar?

So, I looked into my fabric inventory and took out this pretty pastel floral print that was from Mom’s fabric stash.  What did Mom use this fabric for-I wondered? Then it came to me. This was the fabric that Mom made the kitchen  window valances for over the sink. So basically this is a dress made from fabric selected for  drapes/curtains-and that is how this dress became my Scarlett dress. It is homage to my Mother and to her love of sewing and also to Scarlett who in the movie Gone with the Wind- had a dress made from drapes.



Dress is fully lined/ added side pockets and rick rack around the neckline. Zipper sewn in by hand.

Anddddd I already had a handbag that matched.

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Nov 22, 2020

Sew Happy Sunday #3

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Sew Happy Sunday #3 features a fall staple- the classic bow blouse and gored skirt. Full disclosure: I made this outfit awhile ago but I felt the outfit was a perfect “fit” to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  Happy Sunday and P.S. both items are easy to make.



Pattern Info and Details

Both patterns are out of print BUT bow blouse patterns continue to be in fashion and  full flair skirts patterns can be found on all the major pattern sites. 

More times than not I add lining to my skirt patterns Lining allows the skirt to skim the body and flow more beautifully.


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Nov 15, 2020

Sew Happy Sunday #2

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Welcome to Sew Happy Sunday number 2.

Every Sunday  since quarantine, I’ve made it a practice to put aside the workout wear( that I tend to live in during the week) and “dress up” if even just a bit to lift my mood anddd to wear items that are hanging in my closet with no where to go.  This Sunday  it was unusually warm-(even for LA) soooo I decided to put on this comfy and stylish circle skirt that I’ve made more than a few times in a number of fabrications. When I wear this skirt everyone and I do mean everyone comments on the pockets. I have come to realize that we are crazzzzzy about a good hidden pocket and  although this pattern doesn’t have a pocket in the pattern -they  are easy to add to the sides of any skirt.

My GO TO Pattern is Vogue 8882

Etsy Site /Click on Image Sadly Vogue has discontinued this pattern  BUT I have found it on the ETSY site if you’re interested. 


Circle skirt with hidden pocket inserts


Silk lining and Neoprene Waistband detail

Finished seams

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Nov 8, 2020

Sew Happy #1-A Tale of 2 Channel Inspired Jacket(s)

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Category: Sew Happy

Welcome to  the first Sunday installment of Sew Happy. If you follow this blog on any sort of regular basis I bet you won’t be one bit surprised that I am starting off my first sewing spotlight on  a Chanel “inspired” sewing project that I made not once but twice.

Chanel Jackets are versatile and timeless but the price point is just a bit out of my budget at the moment. I wear my  Chanel inspired jackets with jeans (usually in a dark black or deep blue) pair it with a tee or sweater underneath and opt for a pair of pumps or ankle boots to complete my look. I live in LA where the dress code leans toward “upscale casual ” ( I know that can sound confusing..) but a  jacket  paired with well fitted jeans and pumps or ankle boots seem to be a perfect formula for looking pulled together without trying to hard. It’s a great “go to combo” to wear for a casual business meeting,  date night, or a lunch with your girlfriends.

My fail safe pattern without question is Vogue 7975 . It fits beautifully (with a tad of tailoring) and offers a multitude of design options.

My first attempt at a Chanel Inspired Jacket was made with a simple black and white fleck wool.


Reese inspired Jacket Number 2




Match your plaids for a Professional look

Silk lining with fringe detail. *Fray fashion fabric for fringe that matches perfectly

Detailing…Close Up 

Accent trim for extra detailing

Close up. Invisible hand stitched hem..

“Chanel Inspired” Sleeve detail…


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Nov 7, 2020

Introducing “Sew Happy”

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Category: Sew Happy

I am sooo Happy to announce a new category on the blog  Go To Glamour Girl starting tomorrow. It is aptly entitled Sew Happy, and will be a Sunday feature , where I  will spotlight items I have sewn which  are often inspired by Designer Originals.

Many of you don’t know (because quite frankly I have never mentioned it) that I make  (as in sew) a good majority of my clothes. My love for high fashion BUT not high prices began early in life..(like  playing with my Barbie doll early) and has never waivered.  Bearing in mind that Designer clothes and their counterpart high prices are not something that everyone can afford one must find alternate ways of looking stylish.  SEW happy has aided me for the majority of my life allowing me to fill my closet with Designer inspired items that I enjoy making at a fraction of the cost.

My hope in bringing you this new feature  Sew Happy on the blog is to inspire you to embrace a love of making items for yourself and doing it all within your budget.

Sew Happy starts tomorrow.

Here’s a sneak peak at tomorrows feature:


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