Jun 14, 2021

Summertime Table Settings

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Image courtesy of Tumblr/Original Source unavailable

Well it’s been a minute and what a weekend it was…I hope you had a relaxing and fun filled Saturday and Sunday.

My weekend was filled spending hours on end with…the cable guy. Yes ,THE CABLE Guy, and although he was a very nice gentlemen- let me say that without phone, internet and TV including Wi Fi-one might feel that they have been sent to another planet. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate some major down time filled with silence to collect my thoughts and decompress  however, being devoid of any and all methods available to communicate (without the use of technology)  to reach another human being on Earth is challenging to say the least.

This turn of events got me to thinking. “What did we do before technology-I’m talking ALL of it. Cell phones, text, computers, Wi Fi? Oh, that’s right- we actually spoke to each other in person.  I often wonder if  talking in person or phone has become obsolete- because more times than not, I find people prefer to text rather than pick up a phone.

So here’s a little suggestion for this upcoming Summer: Make a plan /or plans to get out and be with other people . Converse aka TALK and hold a conversation (not text) , share a meal ,reach out and do something with a group of friends.  Savor every moment that you can because we are long overdue (about 15 months overdue). I hope this Summer is filled with wonderful moments that bring beautiful memories for you and your family.

Now if you thought I was just going to yammer on about bringing people together without some stylish inspo..that would be  a NO. I thought you might enjoy a bevy of beautiful Summertime table settings  to get you in the mood and invite and entertain family and friends.  Enjoy!!!

Image Courtesy of Tory Burch.com

Tips for Setting the perfect Summer Table

  1. Pick a theme
  2. Pick a color scheme
  3. Think about items you already have in your home to decorate:
    1. Bowls  or glass containers filled with fresh fruit
    2. Bowls of  glass containers filled with colorful vegetables
    3. Candles, candles and more candles
    4. Flowers are ALWAYS a good idea
    5. Seashells
    6. Rocks in various colors
    7. Greenery
    8. Woven wicker baskets/placemats/bowls
  4. Have fun and don’t overthink things. If you don’t have enough seating -roll out numerous blankets/pillows and set up your party picnic style !

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Jun 11, 2021

Details…. in White

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Summer is upon us and that means  it’s high time we break out the Summer Whites. I will be writing a post next week about: How to wear white-Right/HINT- undergarments are key as is fit BUT for today I thought you might enjoy some beautiful stylish white outfits with wonderful details ! Enjoy!

Cushnie et Ochs (Courtesy of frechoffence on Flickr

Image courtesy of Burberry.com

Image Courtesy of Zimmerman.com


Image Cushnie RTW courtesy of WWD

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Jun 7, 2021


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Good Morning and Happy Monday! In case you need a little reminder and mayyyybe a morning boost to get you going …HERE YOU GO! Repeat after me and have a fabu day. xoxoT

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May 20, 2021

Sensational Summer Dresses to Inspire

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Hello Glamour Girl. I cannot believe that in 10 days it’s Memorial Day, and you KNOW what that means…tah dah dah dah-The unofficial Start of Summer. (Summer officially begins on June 20, but so much for details) !

When most women think of Summer -our heads go to the dreaded swimsuit-because no woman I’ve ever met-(unless she’s a Supermodel-and even then it’s questionable)is happy as to how we appear in the mirror .

 Soooo for the sake of sanity, I thought best to ease into Summer Apparel by featuring a plethora of beautiful selections from the Elie Saab RTW Collection that are in a word are “Breathtaking. “I hope this inspires you to put on some “pretty” this Summer and to start dressing UP!

Here’s a collective Yah!!! for Summer of 2021.

Go forth and look fabulous!

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May 17, 2021

Today’s PSA

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The Pandemic has brought out the best and sadly the worst in people and there seems to be an overwhelming amount of scams happening to consumers. Sophisticated fraud attacks are on the rise, and even the most tech-savvy amongst us is still falling victim to some of the commonly used tactics. To make sure you’re not one of them, here are some of the main red flags to look out for.


This term commonly refers to scams sent via email. These are extremely common, but there are some ways to spot the real deal from the fakes:

Red Flag #1: The message is sent from a public email domain.
If you receive an email where the domain name – i.e. the word after the @ symbol – looks suspect, it probably is. “No legitimate organization will send emails from an address that ends @gmail.com – not even Google.”

“Most organizations, except some small operations, will have their own email domain and company accounts. For example, legitimate emails from Google will read @google.com. If the domain name matches the apparent sender of the email, the message is probably legitimate.” The best way to check? Type the company’s name into a search engine and see what comes up – that’s the name you should expect to see somewhere in the email address. If you don’t, delete and move on.

RED FLAG #2 The domain name is wrong but the sender’s name looks right
Most people’s inboxes are formatted to display a name. It’s only natural, therefore, to assume you know who the message is from and open the email right away. “When crooks create their bogus email addresses, they often have the choice to select the display name, which doesn’t have to relate to the email address at all.”  “They can, therefore, use a bogus email address that will turn up in your inbox with a legitimate-looking display name.”

To try and counteract this, make sure you look at the full email address and see what you think based on the advice above – just be warned, some bogus email addresses will use the spoofed organization’s name in some part of the address. To double check, visit the company’s proper website and see if there’s a ‘contact us’ page – you’ll be able to see what their actual domain name should look like here.

Red Flag #3: The email is poorly written
You can often tell if an email is a scam if it’s full of poor spelling and grammar and, simply put, it just doesn’t make sense. “Many people will tell you that such errors are part of a ‘filtering system’ in which cyber criminals target only the most gullible people.”

“The theory is that, if someone ignores clues about the way the message is written, they’re less likely to pick up clues during the scammer’s endgame. However, this only applies to outlandish schemes like the oft-mocked Nigerian prince scam, which you have to be incredibly naive to fall victim to. That, and scams like it, are manually operated: once someone takes to the bait, the scammer has to reply. As such, it benefits the crooks to make sure the pool of respondents contains only those who might believe the rest of the con.”

Just bear in mind that some attacks can also be automated, which are less likely to contain spelling errors. The grammar might still be a bit weird though, so check it thoroughly, including the email address before you reply.

Red Flag #4: It includes suspicious attachments or links
No matter how phishing emails are delivered – be it to your computer, phone or tablet – they all contain what’s known as a ‘payload’. Luke explains: “This will either be an infected attachment that you’re asked to download or a link to a bogus website. The purpose of these payloads is to capture sensitive information, such as login credentials, credit card details, phone numbers and account numbers.”

The crucial thing to remember is that once you open these attachments or click through to these links, it’s most likely too late. “Never open an attachment unless you are fully confident that the message is from a legitimate party.”  “Even then, you should look out for anything suspicious in the attachment.” As for links, you can usually spot a suspicious one if the destination address doesn’t match the context of the rest of the email. “For example, if you receive an email from Netflix, you’d expect the link to direct you towards an address that begins ‘netflix.com’.”

Red Flag #5: The message creates a sense of urgency
Scammers know that most of us procrastinate, which explains why so many scams request that you act now or else it will be too late . “PayPal, Windows and Netflix all provide services that are regularly used, for example, and any problems with those accounts could cause immediate inconveniences.” Phishing scams like this are particularly dangerous because, even if you do suspect foul play, you might be too afraid to risk it by not replying or attempting to get in contact.


You might not have heard of this term, but you’ve almost certainly encountered it – it refers to scam texts which are sent to your phone. Here’s how to spot ones which present a danger:

Red Flag #1: The phone number looks like a mobile
It’s very rare for legitimate companies to use mobile numbers to get in touch with customers – be it banks, utility providers and many more. “If in doubt, only use the number on the back of your bank card, or search for the number online.” “If it’s a known fake number there’ll be information on the internet.”

Second, look out for spelling or grammar inconsistencies – similar to phishing emails. “There might be spelling mistakes, or the text just addresses you as Sir or Madam. Real messages from these companies will usually address you by your full name.”

No legitimate organization will send emails from an address that ends @gmail.com – not even Google

Red Flag #2: It asks you to follow a link to enter your details
It should go without saying that you should never click any links in texts. “If in doubt, go directly to the website and log in as normal,” says Colin. “If there really is a problem, you’ll have a message on the website telling you what to do.” If you do click the link, however, be vigilant throughout the process. “Many scammers have developed very close replicas of genuine websites to fool you.”  “But there’ll be some signs it’s not legitimate, such as odd spelling or low-quality graphics. If there’s a number for you to call, check it matches with the one on the back of your debit or credit card. If in doubt, call the number on your bank card to find out if there’s an issue.”

Red Flag #3: They know enough to fool you
While professional scammers are unlikely to know everything about you, they’re great at giving the impression they know you well enough to trust them. But no matter how much they imply they know, never ever give them more.  “Never give out personal details under any circumstances. No legitimate company is going to ask you to reveal personal or security information over the phone and under no circumstances tell a caller or texter your PIN, password or any other piece of information that could compromise your account.”

Another tip is to see how the company is addressing you. “Legitimate companies will normally address you by your full name as a way of helping you spot fraudulent messages,” says Colin. “Scammers probably won’t know your full name, so will use something generic such as Sir, Madam or valued customer.” This way, even if they claim to know your account number or anything else personal, you’ll know instantly it’s not genuine.


This might be considered a tad old school these days, but you’re no less likely to be targeted over the phone than by other means.

Red Flag #1: They claim they’re calling from your bank
“Someone may call claiming to be from your bank telling you there’s a problem with your card or account.” The caller will often sound professional and try to convince you that your card has been cloned or that your money is at risk. They may ask for your account and card details, including your PIN number, and even offer to send a courier to collect your card. They may also advise transferring your money to a ‘safe account’ to protect it. This is a common scam and your bank would never ask you to do this.”

Red Flag #2: They say you’re entitled to compensation
An oldie but a goodie, this one is a textbook scam. “This is a call from a company asking about a car accident you’ve supposedly had claiming you may be entitled to compensation.” “Some of these could be genuine companies looking for business, but others are scammers. Don’t engage in these calls. If you’ve had an accident, call your own insurance company on the phone number provided on your policy.”

Red Flag #3: The person claims to be the IRS
Just because someone claims to be a person of authority doesn’t mean they are. “You may get a call from someone claiming to be from IRS saying there is an issue with your tax refund or an unpaid tax bill.”  “They may leave a message and ask you to call back. Again, don’t be fooled by this.  THE IRS would never contact you this way and would never ask you to reveal personal financial information such as your bank account details.”

Equally, if someone claims to be a financial professional, it’s highly unlikely they’d approach you this way. “You could get a call about an ‘unmissable’ investment opportunity or offering you the opportunity to access your pension cash earlier.”

Don’t cave to pressure. Scammers will try to rush you into providing personal details or claim your bank account is at risk if you don’t give them the information right away

Red Flag #4: They tell you they’re only trying to help
Think of this last one as the ‘anti-scam scam’. “This is a call from someone claiming to be from a charity supporting scam victims, a company selling anti-scam technology, or from someone demanding money to renew your Telephone Preference Service registration, which is actually free.”

“Be alert to all of these. Older people are often a target for scammers, so it’s important to be aware of phone scams and how to handle them. First, don’t reveal personal details. Never give out personal or financial information and if you feel harassed or intimidated, or if the caller talks over you without giving you a chance to speak, end the call,” the team adds.

If you’re still in doubt, ring the organization. Just make sure you find the number yourself and don’t use the one provided by the caller. Finally, don’t cave to pressure. Scammers will try to rush you into providing personal details or claim your bank account is at risk if you don’t give them the information right away.

Red Flag #5: You get a missed call requesting you call back
This is an odd one, but it’s potentially dangerous, say the experts. “Scammers use automated systems to dial mobile numbers.”  “The call often lasts less than a second and comes up as a missed call. Calls will typically be from a number beginning 070 or 076 (which look like mobile numbers but cost considerably more to call) or from non-geographic numbers such as those beginning 084, 087, 090, 091 or 118. Anyone who does call the number back is charged for as long as they’re on the phone.”

It’s also possible they’ll attempt to leave you an automated voicemail asking you to ring your bank or utility provider on a specific number but beware – it’s usually a phony number which redirects straight back to the scammer, who’s ready and waiting to take down all of your private details. Instead, phone the number on the back of your debit or credit card and try to speak to someone independent who can advise you on whether the call was genuine.

If you think you’ve been scammed follow these steps pronto:

STEP ONE: If you’ve been tricked into providing your bank details, contact your bank and let them know. If you think your account has already been hacked (you may have received messages sent from your account that you don’t recognize, or you may have been locked out of your account), CALL YOUR BANK OR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION ASAP!

STEP TWO: If you received the message on a work laptop or phone, contact your IT department and let them know.  If you opened a link on your computer, or followed instructions to install software, open your antivirus (AV) software if you have it, and run a full scan.

STEP THREE: If you’ve given out your password, you should change the passwords on any of your accounts which use the same password.

STEP FOUR: If you’ve lost money, tell your bank and report it as a crime to your local police department.

*DISCLAIMER: Nothing published by GoToGlamourGirl  is intended to constitute financial or legal advice. The statements reflected in this article reflect the opinions of the individuals or companies, and them alone. Always consult a qualified, independent professional before making any financial or legal decisions which might affect you.

This post was originally posted in SheerLuxe.com Gold Edition May 17, 2021 and I have edited the details for persons living in the United States.
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May 10, 2021

“Sun”sational Straw Bags on ETSY

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Summer is almost here and if per chance you’re in the mood to pick up a sweet straw handbag or tote that won’t break the bank, I have the perfect place to peruse… ETSY.  Straw handbags are always a Summer trend and you can find some pretty fashionable finds for under $50.00 on ETSY. All handbags featured  below are under $50.00,Bestsellers on the site, and In Stock.

*Just click on the image and go directly to the store site.  Enjoy!

Rattan Straw Messenger @ NomadNextdoor on ETSY  $59.00

LuminosaLK@Etsy Woven Rattan $36.86

SummerbreezeGB on ETSY Woven Rattan handbags $36.85 each

Butterfly Rattan Bag BaliPleasure @ ETSY $39.09 (was $45.99)

Rattan Woven Boho EnjoyLifeCraft@ETSY $48.86 (was $69.80)

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May 9, 2021

Happy Mother’s Day

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May 6, 2021

Dining Room-Decor & More

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A formal dining room is a treasure to behold. If you’re lucky enough to have a floor plan in your home to accommodate this space I’ve listed  a few essentials to make your dining area divine.

Image courtesy of Chris&Julia.com

John-Richard Collection @Horchow

  1. The perfect table: Your dining room table can be any style and shape- just make sure it gives you options.. and by options I mean  that the table comes with extensions often known as leaves so you have the ability  to add additional seating for holiday meals or large dinner parties.

Image courtesy of Fabandluxe.tumblr

2. Comfortable Seating is KEY! Let’s just say it…when you sit down at the dinner table you’re going to be there for awhile. If it’s a great dinner party you’re going to be sitting even longer- so the last thing you want for your family or friends is to be is ” uncomfortable.” Chairs are key to comfort and if their upholstered -all the better. No matter what your design preference make sure it is coupled with comfort.

Image courtesy of Desiretoinspire.net

Image courtesy of Alir McGowan Instagram

3. Lighting: It’s all about lighting in a dining room and no matter what fixture you choose to make this room complete, it’s best to install a dimmer switch (usually a knob that is easily installed to make  the room lighting – brighter or darker),giving you a wonderful option for creating a mood for whatever event your hosting. Personally, I’m an advocate of a lighting STATEMENT PIECE when it comes to dining room lighting  (read into that chandeliers),however there ae oodles of options for you to choose from and whatever makes your room glow is something only you will know.

4. Space your seating  

Image courtesy: Aesthetically-thinking.blogspot.com

5. Finally…a few design tips when it comes to what to put on your walls.

Design Tip: Wallpapering one wall gives you a focal point as does one great piece of Art. 

                                     Image Courtesy of degournay.com *Hand Painted wall treatment

Wonderful wallpaper

Image courtesy of Eye for design blogspot.com

Design Tip: An amazing view is the best backdrop and focal point of all. 

Room with a view!

 Design Tip: Mirrors make a room appear larger.

Image courtesy of Styletheories.com

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May 4, 2021

Shoe Spotlight….Marvelous Marc Fisher

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Can you ever have too many shoes? The immediate response is a resounding  Nooooo!

When we stop to break it down by shoe category we will admit that there are all sorts of shoes that enter the confines of our closet.

Some are there “just for show” aka the pairs your wear  when you KNOW you’re going to be sitting and not standing or walking any great distance because although pretty …they are uncomfortable with a capital U!!!(as in Ugh)

Then there are the standard staples-the pairs you wear on rotation. They are comfortable and are your “go to selections” that you pull out and wear with anything and everything.

Last but not least there are THE SHOES that you just look at because they shouldn’t really be walking the streets. These are the pairs that are soooo beautiful -it would be best if  you kept them  under glass or perhaps on display in your very own shoe museum.   (I know you know what I’m talking about)!…more than likely you have a pair or two (or three)  that fit this description).

But back to shoes that you can actually wear because they are stylish, and comfortable and (wait for it-affordable). Yes it is the trifecta of shoe love and I have found this to be true in all and I do mean all of the Marc Fisher shoes that I own.

I am a huge fan of Marc Fisher footwear and I have a feeling you will be too!

Click on any image to go directly to their website or copy and paste:


P.S. *Free shipping and free returns on all items

P.S.S. Make sure you check out the Sale selections as well! Great prices on fabulous fashion abound on the site .


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Apr 19, 2021

Closet Flip and the Top 5 Questions to Consider

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Spring is here and so is SPRRRING cleaning. Where oh where  is a Glamour Girl to begin? (This is not a trick question) …in your closet- of course! I call it the Closet Flip and with the onset of warmer days ahead-it’s time to re-evaluate your wardrobe.

Before you pack things away and bring Summer items out of storage, I think it’s a good time..no make that a great time, to take a good look at your closet and EDIT…

Below is a list of  my Top 5 RED FLAGS aka questions to consider when evaluating  any and all items in  your wardrobe.

Does it stay or does it go.???? Answer honestly and you will KNOW!

  • Does it Fit-and I do mean to perfection!. This is the number 1 question to consider when pondering…”Do I keep or Do I  purge.”  If the item is too small then out it goes. If it’s to big and you LOVE it-then get it altered ASAP  and start wearing it.
  • Does it FLATTER your figure OR do you look in the mirror and ask yourself-WHAT WAS I THINKING (when I bought this)! Cut your loses now. No need to be reminded of  buying something that just doesn’t work.
  • Can it be repaired? It doesn’t matter how much you love that once favorite sweater- the moths loved it more and had it for breakfast. Time to say good bye.
  • Are you uncomfortable and you can’t bear to wear it? GONE.
  • Does it make you feel beautiful aka  your very best? If not- Bah- bye!

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