Nov 13, 2020

Beautiful Autumn Hues for YOU

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Ending the week with a glimpse of autumnal outfits in beautiful hues.




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Nov 10, 2020

Tuesday’s Tips

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Category: Fashion tips

Give your Mood a BOOST

Tuesday is tip day on the blog and bearing in mind that we have collectively been through the ringer between Covid, the Election and .. oh let’s just say it- a number of other things that have disrupted our daily rhythm- I thought a collection of timely tips might be of help to make you feel better and at the very least give you a smidge of knowledge that  may help in getting you back on track.


To quell that notorious Covid 15: Rumor has it  that some people have gained weight due to stress, anxiety and gyms being shut down.  Sooo let’s start with a little metabolism booster.

Foods for relieving stress

Exercise (Without the GYM)


And last but certainly not least…If you’re having trouble getting your Zzzzzz’s. 


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Nov 9, 2020

Monday Motivtion

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Category: Monday Mantra

A Prayer from me to you…

Words that resonate for the Better… in and for ALL of us. 

I came across a quote this morning and thought it couldn’t be more appropriate in light of the election results finally being in and a promise that Change is  truly on it’s way.

It is my deepest hope that our country and our collective well being is on  a path to healing and living better lives in the days to come.

Have a great Monday and “If you can’t see the Change…Be the change.” 

It all starts within each of us.

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Nov 8, 2020

Sew Happy #1-A Tale of 2 Channel Inspired Jacket(s)

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Category: Sew Happy

Welcome to  the first Sunday installment of Sew Happy. If you follow this blog on any sort of regular basis I bet you won’t be one bit surprised that I am starting off my first sewing spotlight on  a Chanel “inspired” sewing project that I made not once but twice.

Chanel Jackets are versatile and timeless but the price point is just a bit out of my budget at the moment. I wear my  Chanel inspired jackets with jeans (usually in a dark black or deep blue) pair it with a tee or sweater underneath and opt for a pair of pumps or ankle boots to complete my look. I live in LA where the dress code leans toward “upscale casual ” ( I know that can sound confusing..) but a  jacket  paired with well fitted jeans and pumps or ankle boots seem to be a perfect formula for looking pulled together without trying to hard. It’s a great “go to combo” to wear for a casual business meeting,  date night, or a lunch with your girlfriends.

My fail safe pattern without question is Vogue 7975 . It fits beautifully (with a tad of tailoring) and offers a multitude of design options.

My first attempt at a Chanel Inspired Jacket was made with a simple black and white fleck wool.


Reese inspired Jacket Number 2




Match your plaids for a Professional look

Silk lining with fringe detail. *Fray fashion fabric for fringe that matches perfectly

Detailing…Close Up 

Accent trim for extra detailing

Close up. Invisible hand stitched hem..

“Chanel Inspired” Sleeve detail…


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Nov 7, 2020

Introducing “Sew Happy”

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Category: Sew Happy

I am sooo Happy to announce a new category on the blog  Go To Glamour Girl starting tomorrow. It is aptly entitled Sew Happy, and will be a Sunday feature , where I  will spotlight items I have sewn which  are often inspired by Designer Originals.

Many of you don’t know (because quite frankly I have never mentioned it) that I make  (as in sew) a good majority of my clothes. My love for high fashion BUT not high prices began early in life..(like  playing with my Barbie doll early) and has never waivered.  Bearing in mind that Designer clothes and their counterpart high prices are not something that everyone can afford one must find alternate ways of looking stylish.  SEW happy has aided me for the majority of my life allowing me to fill my closet with Designer inspired items that I enjoy making at a fraction of the cost.

My hope in bringing you this new feature  Sew Happy on the blog is to inspire you to embrace a love of making items for yourself and doing it all within your budget.

Sew Happy starts tomorrow.

Here’s a sneak peak at tomorrows feature:


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Nov 6, 2020

It’s finally Fri…Yay!

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Category: Health & Wellness

My Gawwwwwd this has been such a stressful week. As we wait patiently for ballots to be counted it  continues to be a roller coaster  ride with more twists and turns than a Disneyland ride.

Bearing in mind that we need to do something to decompress for (sanities sake)I offer the following suggestions: I hope you find something in the mix to bring you a moment of calm.

  1. High on my list: Binge watch Emily in Paris..(Netflix) 10 episodes…GO!

2.  Yoga : I have been a devotee of Boho Beautiful since quarantine. Julianna & Mark Spicoluk offer top rated yoga classes that are beautifully done and offer a  wide range of wonderful classes in the comfort of your home.  Check out a wide assortment of yoga, stretching and plant based menu and recipe videos on their You tube site. (Click on image to go directly to their Channel)

3.  Take a walk…

4. Get lost in a good book. A Memoir By Grace Coddington. A fascinating read from the former Model and Creative Director of Vogue.

5.  Breakfast in Bed.  Seriously one of my favorite things to do. Set  up a beautiful tray and treat yourself to taking time to slowly start your day.

Have a beautiful and relaxing weekend. xoxoT

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Nov 5, 2020

Moment of Pretty with a “Side of Sparkle”

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Category: Fashion

Happy Thursday! How are you holding up? Have you been glued to the Election results ,which are now in day  3 and counting (literally). I  don’t know about you, but I am exhausted. Bearing in mind that we are all holding our breath until the final results are in, I thought you might enjoy a Moment of Pretty just to get your mind off things. Enjoy a little Sparkle today and everyday.

Image Courtesy of Chanel

Image Courtesy

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Nov 3, 2020

Cute Capes Courtesy of Zara

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Category: Fashion

I wanted to take a quick minute today and spotlight one apparel item that is sooo stylish and comfortable. Hello fabulous Capes courtesy of Zara. Each and every cape is beautiful and (here’s the best part) Affordable.  Have a great day and if you haven’t already…get out there and VOTE.

*Click on the image to go directly to the item on the Zara site.

Cotton Blend Cape Coat ($89.00) ZARA


Limited Edition Wool Blend Cape $219.00

Cropped Knit Cape $35.90 @ ZARA

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Nov 2, 2020


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Oct 29, 2020

Monogram with Mark & Graham

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Category: Fashion

Stella Cape $299.00 SALE $129.99 ADD code FRIENDS for an additional 20% off

Pleazzzzz don’t hate me for jumping the gun on gift buying BUT when a sale is happening and you can have your item monogramed with an additional discount of (wait for it)

 20% off  EXTRA on your entire order by using  the code FRIENDS at checkout

I think it would be negligent on my part not to share this info with you my lovely readers.

Mark & Graham is a beautiful site filled with well made items that are perfect for gift giving to yourself or someone else. In addition to the already lovely items on their site, Mark & Graham offer monogramming -which adds that personal touch and  is perfect for gift giving. I highly recommend that you run not walk to this sale- that P.S. happens to be perfect timing for some  major destressing in addition to getting your Christmas list  checked off before Thanksgiving. I think 2020 has been stressful let’s all take a collective breath and do a little holiday sale shopping.

Mark &

Check out everything they have to offer on the site by  clicking on any image in this post. 


Women’s Classic Leather Gloves (Monogrammed) $120.00 SALE $89.99

Monogrammed Fillmore Tote $99.00 SALE $49.99) *Oodles of color options


Monogrammed C0lorblock Cuff $59.99 SALE $22.99

Leopard Zipper Wristlet $149.00 SALE $49.99

Typographer’s Dinner Napkins $69.99 SALE $54.99 6 multicolor napkins in a pack

Plaid Print Lacquer Tray $79.99 20% extra with code FRIENDS

Wood Marble Cheese Rectangular Board $59.00 20% off (entire order) with code FRIENDS



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