Mar 26, 2020

Throwback Thursday…Glove Style

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Christian Dior Ad 1957


It’s time to…. Go Back to Gloves!  Gloves  are one of the best ways NOT  to spread germs. (and let’s just be frank -that fun fact is a MAJOR priority right now.

I often wonder…Why did we ever stop wearing these stylish hand covers in the first place?

Gloves protect one  from spreading germs  not to mention that they’re uber stylish and absolutely compliment a look. It’s the perfect accessory because it fashionable and functional!

For your enjoyment and inspiration I’ve offered a bit of a throwback to gloves today in addition to providing you with some updated selections for the season.

Have a glove-ly day. Stay safe and be well. xoxoT


Image source Unknown Circa 1950

Circa 1951 Christian Dior Ad

Gracie Lace Gloves Etsy Shop Pippa & Pearl $18.23

Sienna-C’est Jeanne Gloves *Click on image to go directly to shopping info

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Apr 5, 2013

The Weekend…

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1960 Pierre Balmain

Mad Men returns to AMC for it’s 6th season on Sunday.Fingers crossed that the story lines will improve from season 5-(which were lackluster at best). In a nod to the fashions of the 60’s (which costume Designer Jamie Bryant puts together with the greatest of ease)-I thought it might be nice to highlight some fabulous vintage fashions from days gone by…Enjoy the weekend!

Photo for Vogue 1960 by Bert Stern

Harpers Bazzar 1960

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