Aug 10, 2009

Gap’s 1969 Premium Denim Collection

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Gap Debut in West Hollywood

Gap Debut in West Hollywood

Did you hear the latest Jean Buzz-and by Jean, I am not referring to anyone you  know by said name but instead I am speaking of that one apparel item that is “in” no matter what season  The “Jean” that will instill the greatest shoppers anxiety on the fashion planet. The never ending quest to discover the brand that will make you look taller, thinner and shapelier in all the right places just by putting them on, and P.S.if they should cost a mere $200.00-$350.00 dollars it is so worth it-because jean can be “difficult”-you practically need a miracle or an act of God (take whichever comes first)…to find a jean that actually fits.  Needless to say when you discover “THE PERFECT JEAN” you plop down the money no questions asked!

Well Premium Denim FYI-The Gap’s Creative Director Patrick Robinson opened a new store in West Hollywood this week and introduced the 1969 Premium Denim Collection. Mr. Robinson wanted to give consumers a jean that would stand up to any premium denim product on the market today. The 1969 Premium denim collection is available in skinny, straight or boot cut styles and retails for under $70.00. Yep-you heard me seventy dollars.

Thank you, Mr. Robinson

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