Apr 21, 2010

Sweet Sensation!

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How did I miss this? Last year ( March 11, 2009, to be exact) there was a big hoopla to celebrate Barbie turning 50. Now if Barbie were actually a living, breathing, human being she would perhaps be going through menopause BUT alas Barbie, is a doll made of plastic and sculpted to perfection -still looking like she is a young woman of 18. (Do you think Demi Moore, has the same gene pool as Barbie—just wondering)????

To celebrate Barbie’s 50th birthday, in Sydney, Australia, Mattel unveiled a nearly seven-foot tall “Barbie doll” chocolate mud cake. The 2,645 lb cake was covered in gold icing, gold silk, and 2,000 Swarovski crystals valued at $50,000, and was based on the design for the limited edition 50th Anniversary Barbie Doll.

The cake was designed by Australian fashion designer Alex Perry, jewelry designer Stefano Canturi, and hairdresser Joh Bailey, in collaboration with Sweet Art bakers.

Happy  “Very Belated” Birthday Barbie!

Let them eat cake!-Barbie Cake that is! Image by Eat Cake

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