Oct 9, 2016

Monday Morning Desk Set

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Monday mornings can be a bit overwhelming. After a weekend away from your daily “desk duties”  (aka massive amounts of emails, texts, and paperwork) you want to be ready to jump back in at warp speed as you begin your work week… (At least that’s the objective-right? Right)! To aid in making your mornings as pain free as possible and maybe even put a little skip in your step as you rejoin your desktop might I suggest a few tips to make your day a bit more productive and your space pleasantly “workable.”


1. Keep your work space organized. Simply put: “Items filed brings smiles.” Not only  will you have a sense of control over your surroundings but lack of clutter brings  CALMMMMM and when it comes to work don’t we all want to be a Zen Master! There are so many pretty products on the market for storage and the  general rule of thumb is if you don’t use/need it on a daily basis STORE IT! (i.e.-you know all those memos, bills, and notices from 2015-put them in their proper files now and keep that space on your desk for items you need to deal with in the next month).  You’ll be thanking me for weeks to come!

Image Courtesy of Dwellingdevour.com

2. When it comes to your desk-ALWAYS and I do mean always put a little something in your view that brings you pleasure. Perhaps a small vase of flowers, a pretty memento , a favorite candle, a framed photo…whatever brings you a moment of joy just by looking at it.

Image courtesy of The Stylish Petite.com

Image courtesy of The Stylish Petite.com

3. Your desk doesn’t have to be expensive -just workable BUT your chair MUST be comfortable. No leeway on this one. When you’re sitting for hours on end make sure you do get up on the hour even if only for a few minutes to stretch not to mention it’s good for circulation and resting your eyes. Fun Fact:If at all possible see if you can work standing up-you will not only be more productive but burn more calories. Who Knew!

Image Courtesy of The Office Stylist.com  Megan Ward's Office

Image Courtesy of The Office Stylist.com
Megan Ward’s Office

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