Jun 11, 2010

Missing a 5500 Year Old Shoe?

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Are you by any chance  missing a leather shoe for the right foot…size 7?  Do you remember possibly storing it in a cave approximately 5500 years ago? Think back…..way back… Maybe you were busy romping barefoot in the foothills of Armenia and in your sheer delight of enjoying the outdoors you somehow kicked off the right shoe and kept the left with you. But, a careful girl you were because you neatly stuffed the shoe with grass clipping to make sure it kept its form and freshly cut grass scent.  Well honey-come and pick it up because we found it under some sheep dung in that very cave you left it in. How cowink-e-dink is that!!!Somehow I keep thinking that maybe I should give Shirley MacLaine a call. Check your closet Shirley…do you have a left leather bootie that’s missing its match? If so, call me!

Oldest Leather Shoe Found in Armenia
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