Aug 10, 2019

Saturday Shade

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Summer Sun calls for 2 things..sunscreen and shade. If you’re looking to enjoy the great outdoors but don’t want your face to become one giant sunspot ,might I suggest throwing some MAJOR shade and sporting one fabulous OVERSIZED hat.

After reviewing numerous sites- where you can find a bevy of beautiful options, I came upon one fabulous find via ASOS. For a mere $45.00 you can oversize but not overspend and throw caution to the wind as you bask outdoors in the Saturday Sunlight. How’s that for throwing some shade?! Happy Saturday. Have a great weekend.

FABULOUS FIND VIA ASOS..Click on image and go directly to site

My Pick….The Oversized turn back brim straw hat @ ASOS $45.00
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Apr 6, 2011

Stripes for You…Let’s Review!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress $628.00 model Patricia Van der Vliet (US April Bazaar 2011)

Stripes are big for Spring 2011.The key to wearing a garment with stripes is to make sure the bold lines are going in the direction that looks best on you. S.o.o.o.o. Let’s review! 

Above we see a dress with wide horizontal  graduated stripes. The reason(s) this looks so fabu is: a) the model is 98 pounds and about 5’11” tall so everything looks good on her. b) the dress is constructed in a fluid fabric that drapes and has movement c) the stripes although they are horizontal  (which  P.S. usually make a woman appear wider than a school bus with an orange cone behind  it )actually gives the illusion of looking smaller due to the width of the stripes going from small to large /top to bottom on the dress.  (*Styling note: It goes without saying that if you have a dress with this much volumne in the skirt,wearing a higher heel is key!Think 3 inch and beyond!)


Trina Turk "Secret" Jaquard Dress $348.00

This Trina Turk dress is a study in how stripes can accent a figure. The deep V-neck and corresponding vertical trim elongate the upper body whereas the stripes on the skirt are a combination of thin and thicker stripes in alternating colors Remember horizontal lines make an area appear wider and vertical  lines give the illusion of longer and thinner. Bear in mind when you are looking to accent your best features.    

Warehouse Silk Paradise Stripe Maxi Dress $179.00

O.K. LOVE this dress… (just had to get that out of my system). Now here my lovely Glamour Girls is a dress that has a combo of slanted and vertical, thin and wide stripes. It is the go-to-gown for looking thinner and stylish. A total win-win. Priced at a easy breezy $179.00 .  


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