Aug 8, 2011

Back to School!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Don’t you just love the whole  “back to school” time of year? It always beckons a fresh start with new haircuts, school supplies, clothing, and book bags.  One can’t help but notice that the actual calendar year is technically coming into the home stretch with 4 months left but there’s just something about “back to school” and the beginning of Fall that gets a Glamour Girl giddy with excitement about wearing layers of clothing, cuddling up in her cashmere sweaters and longing to wear her latest purchase of leather boots.  

Cal me crazy but even if you’re way past purchasing new school supplies for yourself …we await the start of Fall and all the fashions  that ensue with eager anticipation. Take a moment to enjoy the last weeks of summer but know that  in the back of your closet there’s a new:(Insert appropriate item: cashmere sweater, faux fur wrap, leather skirt, wool coat,etc..etc..etc…) just waiting to be worn.

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