Mar 8, 2017

Sale Alert

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Make Note: Banana Republic has a sale going on now and let me tell you it is fabu! March 8-13 you can purchase 5 regular priced items for (wait for it) 50% off. I popped in there yesterday and whah-lah oodles of great finds in beauuutiful colors for the season ahead. If your shopping online use code BRFAMILY for the deep discount.

Image courtesy of Banana Republic Click on pic to go directly to sale.

Image courtesy of Banana Republic
Click on pic to go directly to sale.


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Feb 16, 2015

Elevating Banana Republic Fashion Status..

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And so it continues-

The quest for Banana Republic to elevate it’s fashion image.

First order of business hire Marissa Webb (  a former head of womenswear at J. Crew who also has her own clothing line joined BR in April 2014).

Second order …Present Fall 2015 line at New York Fashion Week.. Done and Done.


As Banana Republic walked the runways on Saturday February 14, the line was a definite departure from the simple and standard designs and color palettes of BR past. Instead  what you see were multi-layered ensembles with a sporty vibe  in vibrant and lush color palettes. It was definitely a more chic  and sophisticated attitude and should bode well to elevate Banana Republics image and customer appeal. All images courtesy of NOWFASHION.COM


Designer Marissa Web (center) Presenting- Banana Republic Fall 2015





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Mar 17, 2014

In the Trenches with Banana Republic….

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Category: Wardrobe basics

Flared Trench $225.00

Spring officially starts in  4 days and as we all know Spring “usually” brings with it the chance of showers…( unless you live in California ,where we are smack dab in the middle of one of the worst draughts in history) but back to the Spring showers. With rain on the way you might find yourself in need of a fabulous trench coat and here is where I can help. There I was just popping into my nearest Banana Republic on Sunday and whah-lah I spotted the perfect little trench.

Can we say ADOORABLE! Trust me it is  soooo cute on! If you need a few more options from Banana Republic  might I suggest:

Leopard Print Short Trench $175.00


Gingham Trench $175.00

New Classic Trench $225.00

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Nov 24, 2013

L’Wren Scott for Banana Republic Holiday!

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Category: Fashion

I must admit when it comes to designer collaboration’s… I’m a bit underwhelmed with how they actually turn out. BUT and this is HUGE, I am over the moon enthralled with the upcoming L’Wren Scott collaboration for Banana Republic Holiday. We are talking 50 pieces priced from $40.00 to $200.00 and each and every item is fabulous. The collection debuts online and in stores on December 5th. Get ready. This is going to be so.o.o.o good!

Designer L’Wren Scott


Images courtesy of Elle

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Nov 11, 2013

Banana Republic’s Latest “Candy” Shop

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Category: Fashion

Whomever said that all candy is fattening just didn’t know how to shop. Seems that the peeps at Banana Republic have rolled out an uber bright and beautiful candy colored collection. and it is adorable with a capital A.  In stores NOW!

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Aug 7, 2013

Issa arrives August 8th at Banana Republic

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Category: Fashion

You remember this dress??? I thought so.  It was  worn by Kate Middleton at her engagement announcement to Prince William.

Well fast forward a few years later and twah- lah you can have a close replica of that very dress tomorrow! Yep, you heard me… tomorrow-August 8th.  I know! You can’t believe it can you? Well, believe this.  Issa, the designer label of  THAT dress teamed up with the peeps at Banana Republic and will be launching a line featuring kimono ,wrap-tie and pleated dresses in patterns and block colors. There are also plenty of wrap-tie blouses in  a range of vibrant colors, chunky knits for winter, as well as range of  jewelry and accessories.The  line will be carried in 700 stores globally, as well as online. So set your alarms…I have a feeling this line will be flying out the door, because EVERYBODY and I do mean everybody looks good in a wrap tie dress. If you don’t believe me ask Diane Von Furstenberg-she built an entire empire on it.

All images courtesy of Banana Republic


 The dress that started it all.

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Jun 2, 2013

Milly Collection for Banana Republic

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Category: Fashion

The Milly Collection is in at Banana Republic and it is

 Pretty with a capital P.

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Feb 27, 2013

Three’s the Charm…

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Category: Fashion

Today is THE DAY! Banana Republic rolls out it’s third capsule collection inspired by Mad Men (the TV Show) with a major 60’s vibe. It’s bright and fun and full of interesting prints. Take a look at whats in store…(and online) at the Banana.

(Images courtesy of Banana


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Nov 13, 2012

The Banana has BLING!

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Category: Fashion

It’s never to early to start your holiday wardrobe party prep. To that end I present  4 fabulous necklaces form none other than Banana Republic. Each and every piece makes a statement and all are priced under $100.00 (Truth be told the Banana is always having a sale so don’t be a bit surprised if you can pick up these “gems” for 30-40% off).  Check out more banana bling at

Ombre Amber Necklace $89.50


Deco Layered Beaded Necklace $89.50

Oval Focal Necklace $69.50

Silver Screen Necklace…$69.50

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Jun 7, 2012

Trina Turk arrives TODAY at BR

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Category: Fashion

Trina Turk arrives today at the Banana Republic. If you were as anxious as I about this collection you might have been previewing it on Facebook last night. In true Trina Turk “fashion” there are oodles of bright prints, simple silhouettes and some pretty spectacular jewelry pieces. Here’s just a little preview to get you on your path to print dom…For the complete collection go to Banana or pop into a Banana Republic today. I have a feeling this collection is going to fly out the door. Enjoy! 

Trina Turk Strapless Dress $150.00

Trina Turk Sateen 2 Button Blazer $130.00

 Trina Turk Pisces Top $89.50

Trina Turk Citron Necklace $69.50

 Trina Turk Box Clutch $98.00

Trina Turk zazzy zebra skirt $79.50

All images courtesy of Banana

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