Aug 12, 2010

The September Covers.

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My birthday is just a few days away and it coincides with the arrival of my much anticipated GINORMOUS September Vogue. Year after year, Anna Wintour-editor and chief of Vogue, prints the cover headline to read “The Biggest Fashion Issue Ever.” (Translation: they have sold more fashion ADVERTISEMENTS and this baby is jam packed… I say, “Who cares if it’s ads or editorials as long as it’s fashion”-you can count me in!)I have always considered this to be one of the best birthday presents and thank my mother profusely for birthing me in mid-August. When my September Issue(s) do arrive I have been known to go into complete lock down-(usually sitting by some very quiet pool for hours on end). No phones, no music, no food, just a tall glass of  ice water by my side because I want to FOCUS. To say that I am in deep concentration would be an understatement. There is allot and I do mean allot to absorb….

So in the next few days, if you can’t reach me-jut assume I am “catching up” on my reading….As Tim Gunn would say: “Carry On.” I’ll be right back  after I finish turning the pages of my September issues.  

Hail Halle on Vogue September US


Jennifer Aniston Channeling Babs on Bazzar


Bazaar -2 Different Covers of Jennifer

Mary Kate & Maire Claire-September


September Glamour alla Lopez!


Vanity Fair September goes GAGA!
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