Jun 21, 2011

Cover Girls!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Summer has arrived! Yippee! We all know that with the sunny summer days ahead we need two very important and necessary apparel items…you KNOW which ones of which I am speak: The perfect swimsuit and corresponding cover up. 

Who better than Victoria’s Secret to have a bevy of beautiful summer covers that will take you from strolling the beach to dining poolside and still look fabulous. I thought best to start with the “Cover story” and in a few days… when your self tanner has really hit its peak, we will venture into swimsuit territory. Until then, enjoy taking cover-not only are they fashionable BUT their all on SALE… How fabu for you!

Sequined Beach Dress $58.00 SALE: $39.50


Printed Drop Wiast Strapless Dress $58.00 SALE $39.50


Halter Bra Top Dress $79.50 SALE $59.50

Print Cotton Caftan $59.50 SALE: $49.50

Smoked Strapless Dress $55.00 SALE $45.00

Tie Dyed Beach Dress $48.00 SALE: $19.99

Solid Plunge Cover Up $45.00 SALE: $33.00

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