Oct 23, 2019

Buckle UP!

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Buckle UP …it’s going to be quite a week.  

This week is Election week in America (like you didn’t know that already) and I cannot stress enough the importance of getting out there and casting your vote. I voted last week but if you haven’t as of yet- I implore you (hedging on begging) to put down what you’re doing and get out there and VOTE.

Image Courtesy of Christian Siriano

Anddddd just to give you a little Style fix because this blog: Go To Glamour Girl is dedicated to you and beautifying your life in some small way( be it lifestyle, fashion, food or Decor)I feel that there is no better apparel item to spotlight at this moment than a well appointed belt.

When it comes to wearing a belt my thought is always:

If you don’t have something to hold you up…a belt will always hold you in. 

Here are a few of my favorites in addition to  some style hints on:” What a belt can do for you…” see below.

Be safe, stay healthy and VOTE!


There is no better way to accent your waist and make your middle look little then by wearing a well appointed belt. It’s  one of the easiest items you can add to elevate your  entire look and complete your outfit in a cinch!


Maison Margiela Belt

Gareth Pugh Belt

Belt by Alexander McQueen

Paco Rabanne Belt

Sooo let’s review what belts can do:

Cinch in a waist.

Define a waist.

Add Interest to an outfit


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Jun 27, 2013

WHBM gets a Black Belt in Fashion…

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The WHBM Bow Belt $38.00

Every Glamour Girl can benefit from having a basic black belt in her wardrobe. It’s a multi-purpose item that will cinch in your waist and add a little more curve in all the right places. Whether you need a thick or thin black belt I discovered some fabulous finds at none other than White House Black Market.com. You might just say that this collections gives them a black belt in fashion.

Black Patent Belt @ WHBM $48.00

Filigree Stretch Belt $78.00

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Feb 24, 2012

Fashionable Hook-up…

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An easy peazy solution for hanging necklaces, handbags, belts and scarves are these super affordable shower hooks available at most home stores…Consider this one “fashionable hook-up!”

Image courtesy of Pinterest


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Apr 19, 2010

Fashionable Motivation!

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Category: Fashion

Mariella Burani Spring 2010

 A pretty waist detailing, can go a long way in keeping a Glamour Girl motivated.  If you happened to have a really great weekend (which I hope all you Glamour Girls did) and maybe just maybe, indulged in one too many slices of pizza, or ice cream or Cosmos or whatever…. Don’t beat yourself up. Remember “tomorrow is another day.” and all you need to keep your eye on the ball of fitness and health is to wear a little reminder… like these beautiful corseted/belts. There is nothing like a little cinch to  help you lose an inch.

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