Nov 2, 2011

White Out at Home Zoe…..

Posted By: Terri
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As much as I hate to admit it, The Rachel Zoe Project is one of my guilty pleasures. Season four wrapped last Tuesday and quite frankly I am going through a bit of withdrawal. To aid in relieving my need for “Zoe News,” I thought best to click onto the Bravo TV. Com website and see if there were any tidbits of info that I might have missed. Who knew that I would find a bevy of uber fabulous pictures of the Berman household. In case you missed that segment…the storyline went something like this: Rodger asked Jeremiah (Rachel’s newest stylist who really wasn’t a clothing stylist at all but had a background in interior decorating…but I digress) to decorate the new Berman residence. A mere 7,000 square feet of uber luxury was the ticket that the Berman’s had just plopped down their hard earned money on and  it was empty…TRANSLATION: The house needed EVERYTHING! Now for the best part….Rodger tells Jeremiah…”We need to move in with it completely done in 10 days.” Rodger. Are you high???” Who can decorate an entire house in 10 days? I guess Jeremiah can because when they had the reveal sure enough Jeremiah delivered. The house is wall to wall white…So clean, so bright so…Don’t you dare drink red wine ANYWHERE in this house! (I don’t think there’s this much white in Heaven.) What I   do know is that this is going to be one snazzy home for Baby Skylar to grow up in.

***For the complete before and after pictures click onto

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