Oct 13, 2016

Bling goes with EVERYTHING!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion tips

Image courtesy of Cashmere in style.com


Image courtesy of reasontobreathtumblr.com

Image Courtesy of Hautetamptumblr.com

Image Courtesy of Hautetamptumblr.com

I admit I have a major penchant for SPARKLE. Throughout the years I have come to “embrace” the notion that every outfit could benefit from a little bit of bling. BLING..is not just for dress up anymore but for your daily dose of “pretty. ” Pair a little bit of shine with a tee or denim or really ANYTHING for that matter.  However you decide to adorn yourself -when it comes to bling… I have two bits of wisdom to impart:

1. Make it a STATEMENT piece.

2.Bear in mind that if the bling you are wearing is on the rather large side (i.e. the shine alone  from said bling could bring in small planes) one only need wear ONE major bit of bling at a time.


Image courtesy of reasontobreathtumblr.com

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